How to Use the Ted Talk Filter on TikTok and Instagram (Ted Talk Filter Tutorial)

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How to Use the Ted Talk Filter on TikTok and Instagram (Ted Talk Filter Tutorial) – Hey everyone: this is Grace from Kapwing and ifyou’ve ever wanted to host your own ted talk now’syour chance using the ted talk filter.

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This filterhas gotten a bit of traction on tiktok latelyas creators are using it to spread theirown, PSAs and messages out to the worldin.

This video i’ll show you how to get the tedtalk filter, how to use it and then how to makesome edits like adding automatic subtitlesor text or image overlays in kapwing ifyou want before uploading your video, totiktok or other social media.

Platformsif you’re new here make sure to subscribeto our channel to stay up to date with allour latest tiktok, tutorials and other videoediting tips, and now, let’s get into it, okay, so the filter actually is locatedin instagram, so essentially you’ll usethe effect in instagram save the video andthen.

If you want to get it to tiktok thenjust upload it as a tiktok video to get thefilter, you have to have an instagram accountgo to the app and then to find it go toclick.

How to Use the Ted Talk Filter on TikTok and Instagram (Ted Talk Filter Tutorial)

The top left corner, where it saysyour story and has your profile icon. Andthis is where you are able to use effectsyou want to scroll all the way to the right, sideto, the last effect, which is a magnifying glassthen, click that magnifying glass and you’llbe able to search in the top right cornerand.

I already searched for it before, but basicallyyou can search for tod talk, so t-o-d space t-a-l-kand, it’s the one with the person’s face this isa preview of it.

So you can look at the preview ifyou want, but to get it and actually use it clicktry it make sure you’re using your front cameraand. Then the preview is basically you’ll havearound five seconds with the screen.

Looking likethis, where your close-up and then it’ll zoom outand. There will be people clapping and, like shoutsin the background in the preview, it doesn’tinclude those noises, but after you record thevideo, the noises will be added and your voice willalso.

Have this like amplified effect. You can takeone single video that is 15 seconds long andthen after 15 seconds it’ll start making uhseparate videos and in this example you’ll seewhat i mean so just to start recording just holddown the button and you’ll start like this. Hithis is grace and welcome to my ted talk aboutnothing.

Yes, thank you. Thank you. I knowit was anticipated for a long time.

Andi’M glad it’s here and now it’s over soit recorded that one video and now it’syou can still go, keep going and it’ll just recordit as a separate video, i’m gon na release my hand. I know it now anticipated for a long time.

So youcan hear that my voice is amplified in the backand, then there’s those people cheering if youlook at the bottom you’ll see that there aretwo videos.

So the first one was 15 seconds longand then anything extra will be in the second oneso. You can download both of them, but they will beseparate videos so to download just click.

The oneyou want and then click the download button, onthe top it’ll, say saved on the screen and thento get the second one. Do the same thing soclick that second one and click the downloadbutton at the top.

So now those videos should bein your camera roll. So, let’s see here, we havethis was the first one with uh me close up andzooms out and then i’m still talking in thesecond version.

So once you’ve used the filteron instagram and recorded and saved your videoyou can go ahead and go straight to tiktok andpost it there.

But if you want to do some otherthings, like add automatic subtitles or imageor text, overlays or add any sound, you want thatisn’t necessarily on tick tock. You can do thatreally easily by using our online editor calledkapwing.

It works in your browser, so just clickthe. First link in the description below to getto kapwing, i’m already logged in so i’m gonnajust click to start a new project and you canjust click to upload your video, i’m just gonnado the first half. With the my face, zoomed inand, then in the top toolbar there will be optionsfor, adding whatever you want and making your editsanother thing is.

You can resize and drag differentelements easily on the canvas, so adding overlaysis really easy here, i’m going to add automaticsubtitles.

So especially if your video is a littlelonger, it’s just annoying to add a billion textboxes in tik tok.

So this is a really easy way. Tojust add subtitles quickly in the top toolbar youcan click subtitles and then go down below you canadd.

The subtitles line by line, if you want buti, would prefer to do auto generate and for thisyou need to log in to a copying account which isfree to do you? Can even translate the subtitlesso? If you speak in english, you can have subtitlesin, spanish or some other language, i’m just gonnahave, an english transcript of what i’m saying.

So just click auto generate and the subtitles willstart loading once it stops loading.

It should bedone and, as you can see down here, these are thedifferent subtitles.

You want to make sure thatthis. Each subtitle is correct and there’s noerrors so just read through them quickly and thenif. You want to edit any individual subtitle.

Lineyou could just click it and then type you can alsochange the timing by just dragging the purple barsum for each individual subtitle and then youcan also change how it looks on the screen soright.

Now it’s a little large for me, i’m gonnachange it and make it smaller.

I feel like thismakes it a little more professional and more tedtalk vibes.

You can change the outline if you wantand also the font and colors. So i’m prettyhappy with this, how it looks i’m gon na clickdone now and then you can preview.

The video ifyou want to add other things, do that here there’salso the audio tab in the top here and then onceyou’re ready to download your video and get it totick-tock or somewhere else.

You can just click thered export video button, your video will load fora few moments and then it should be done.

If yousee a small watermark in the corner, you can removethat for free just by signing into your kapwingaccount, and then you can download the video byclicking, download click download again and thengo to the top right corner and click that arrowclick the video you just made and click Thebottom left corner icon and then click savevideo.

So now that video should be in your cameraroll and you can do whatever you want with itto, get it to tiktok i’ll, just showthat really quickly just go to tiktokclick the plus button on the bottom and thenclick.

The upload button on the bottom cornerand click, the video that you just made clicknext and you’ll see you can trim.

You can trimit, you can add, sounds by clicking next andand and then post it like normal on tiktok andthat’s about it.

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