IMPROVE YOUR AIM with YOUR MOUSE GRIP – Valorant Tips, Tricks, & Guides

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PortalKota – IMPROVE YOUR AIM with YOUR MOUSE GRIP – Valorant Tips, Tricks, & Guides. Welcome to another skill cap guide in this video, we’re going to be reviewing mouse scripts and identifying the best way that you should be gripping your mouse tame, better and valerian.

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Mouse scripts are a topic that is not discussed as much as they should be and having the right grip can be crucial to maximizing your aim and the refore getting more kills in valorem by the end of this guide.

You’Ll learn the most common mouse scripts available, such as the palm grip, claw grip and fingertip grip, and how to identify the best grip for you to use to aim like a radiant player.

IMPROVE YOUR AIM with YOUR MOUSE GRIP – Valorant Tips, Tricks, & Guides

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First up, let’s review some of the basics on how you should be holding your mouse in order to ensure that you can shoot and react as fast as possible. Regardless of what grip you use make sure your fingers are on the mouse buttons themselves.

There are some players who like to keep their fingers raised up off the buttons, and this increases the distance that your finger has to travel in order to perform a click, thus taking longer for you to fire a shot.

It’S a difference of milliseconds, but in a fast moving game like valorman, those milliseconds can be the difference between life or death, along with that, make sure that the palm of your hand is making contact with the mouse pad.

Now you may be thinking that having the palm here is going to increase the friction that you have to deal with, and so some players believe it’s better to raise the palm up.

So it’s floating in the air and you’re able to move more freely. While this may be true, the issue that arises is that you’ll have to potentially change your grip to something more uncomfortable and less optimal.

In order to put your palm up – or you may end up getting more muscle – fatigue as you’re actively trying to prevent your palm from touching the mouse pad, we recommend keeping the palm on the ground as it tends to be more comfortable for people.

The muscles in the hand and forearm are more relaxed, plus this position helps to anchor the wrist, which helps to get more control of your mouse and aim.

Lastly, before we get into the actual types of grips, we need to discuss about your hand, size and what size mouse you have, which will heavily determine the right grip that you should be using for it to measure your hand, size.

The length goes from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger and the width goes from the knuckle of the thumb to the knuckle of the pinky finger as a general frame of reference.

A 18 centimeter by nine centimeter hand. Size is good for gripping a medium-sized mouse.

Anything below these numbers are better for gripping small size, mice and anything bigger are better for gripping large size.

Mice. With that being said, you’re likely now wondering how big these different mouth sizes are.

We won’t go into the specific dimensions of each, but to give you some reference for these sizes, an example of a small mouse would be the glorious model, o minus or the razer viper mini a medium sized mouse would be the glorious model, o glorious model d Or the razer viper ultimate or g pro wireless. Lastly, a large mouse will include the logitech g502 and the razer death adder.

If you have any of these mice, then perfect, you now know what size mouse you’re currently using.

If you don’t know, take a look at your mouse’s dimensions and compare them to the ones we just listed to identify which category your mouse falls into.

For example, in terms of comfort, a large mouse may feel better with a palm grip or a smaller mouse may feel better with a claw grip.

Now that we know the mouth size we can now move on to different grips that you can use. First up is the palm grip, which statistically is the most common grips.

That players use we’ll pop up a picture to show what it looks like, as the name suggests, most of your palm is resting on your mouse along with most of your fingers.

This is likely the most natural way that someone will approach gripping the most, and it has many pros to it.

First, off a palm grip is very good for tracking enemies, with a large majority of your hand on the mouse, you can smoothly glide it around to get to the right spot.

With this grip, you are also able to fully utilize your elbow and shoulder plus your wrist, allowing you to use the entire arm when you’re, aiming by allowing you to use your entire arm to aim. You can then use lower sensitivities, which will allow you to be more precise with your aim.

Lastly, this is the most relaxed grip you can use, which decreases the tension, that your hand will experience.

There aren’t any muscles that need to be constantly active to hold up your grip, so you won’t be as easily fatigued. The biggest con with the palm grip, though, is that you won’t be able to use your finger muscles as much with your fingers flat on the mouse.

You won’t be in as good of a position as some of the other grips to click and rapid succession, which could be useful when you’re trying to use weapons such as the pistol environment that require you to make those quick clicks along with that.

The palm grip can be tougher to make those micro adjustments to your aim, you’re going to have to rely more on your wrist for these small tweaks and have less ability to use your fingers.

This isn’t as apparent when you’re adjusting your aim side to side, but going up and down will be tougher to do without full utilization of your fingers.

Players that are using a large mouse will likely use a palm grip, like we just mentioned, as the other grips make it harder for them to get to the mouse clicks. However, there are still a fair number of players that use the palm grip as well.

On a medium sized mouse, next up is the fingertip grip. This is usually the second most popular grip that players use with the fingertip grip.

Only the tips of your fingers are on the mouse, as well as a portion of your palm. This is usually a potential option for players to use, regardless of what mouse size they have.

There are several pro valorem players who use this grip, such as screen from team liquid and where dell from team solomid the pros with this grip is that it allows you to move your fingers and wrists in a more free manner.

This allows you to better make micro adjustments in all directions, side to side or up and down the ability to move the mouse vertically with your fingers is the biggest pro with this grip. If you’re slightly above or below the enemy’s head, you can better move your mouse to make the necessary correction.

There are a few cons with the fingertip grip, though, but none of them are really that major one of them is that you’ll usually end up relying more on your wrist and fingers to aim compared to your entire arm.

While these are certainly good for small aim. Adjustments, it’s not so great for getting those smooth, long distance, flicks and aim adjustments.

This can then make smoother movements slightly more difficult to achieve the way you like, along with that keeping your fingers slightly up in this position, can be slightly fatiguing for the hand muscles. However, this usually isn’t a big deal, since the amount of lift is usually quite minimal.

Lastly, while the script does give you more maneuverability vertically on the mouse, it still doesn’t provide the full upward maneuverability, as you don’t have much room to extend your fingers to move the mouse up since the fingers are already pretty straight going into our third grip. We have the claw grip with this grip.

The fingers are further curled and essentially hiked up on the mouse buttons. The biggest benefit to using the claw grip is that extra additional range of motion that you can utilize from the fingers.

With a claw grip, you can move your mouse downwards, just like you can with the fingertips, but since the fingers are more bent, you have more room to also move the fingers outward.

This extra finger, maneuverability, along with using your wrist elbow and shoulder together, will really maximize all the options you have to make those micro adjustments or macro adjustments to your aim.

The biggest con with this grip, though, is that it can be very fatiguing. You constantly have to keep your finger flexion muscles contracted in order to maintain this grip style and that constant, aggressive contraction can potentially tire you out and stiffen up the fingers and wrists.

The longer you play with the claw grip you’ll really have to weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s, the right grip for you. Along with that, you may steer more towards the claw grip.

If you have a smaller mouse, where it can be tougher to hold it with the palm or the fingertip grip, with the claw grip being said, we have now reviewed the three most common grips that people use, but i didn’t want to give a special mention to The 131 grip – this grip – isn’t very commonly used, but it can be another option for players to try out if the normal fingers on top of the mouse isn’t very comfortable or you don’t feel like.

Your aim is very good at it.

The numbers for this grip name represent the number of fingers on the left side of the mouse, the top of the mouse and the right side of the mouse.

For this grip, you’re going to put your index finger on the left mouse button, the middle finger on the scroll wheel and the ring finger on the right mouse button.

By having these three fingers on the mouse, it can give you a better sense of being centered on it versus having only two fingers where it can feel off to have only your thumb hanging on the left side, but then having two fingers resting on the right Side there aren’t really any big pros or cons to this grip versus the one two two grip that most players use, but it is worthwhile to mention, as some pros such as tens from cloud9 do use it and they have insane aim results.

Now that we have all these grips explained, which grip is the best one to use? This is a huge depends: question, as it really comes out to comfort, but based on the pros and cons that we’ve gathered, there are two grips that are clearly more advantaged over the others and those are the fingertip grip and the claw grip.

These two grips add that extra functionality of the fingers that can be underestimated for those vertical mouse movements, along with that they can also assist the wrist with the side to side movements.

You essentially get an additional set of muscles that help. You aim the elbow and shoulder can be used for all grips and are helpful for those big movements that you may need to do, but from there the wrist is good for the micro adjustments, but the fingers can be even better at creating even tinier, precise movements.

Again, particularly in the upward and downward direction. Looking through the grips that the pros used, we found that the majority of them use either the fingertip and claw grip versus the palm grip, which tends to be the most popular amongst the regular players.

And this is likely, because it usually is the most comfortable and natural grip that people go to comfort, unfortunately, isn’t completely correlated with maneuverability, though, with these statistics and anatomical advantages, we suggest that players use the fingertip or claw grip to really maximize their aim potential to Get more kills and climb the ranks in valorem and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank.

You’Ve always wanted, then check out link in the description below alright, so on a scale of 0-10.

What grip are you currently using for your mouse and valerian? Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides.

Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap, want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next. I’M dr zora and good luck out there.

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