iOS 14.5 Beta 2 – More New Features

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PortalKota – iOS14.5 beta 2 has quite a few new features in iti mentioned a lot of them a couple days ago. But there’s even more that i wanted to cover since there’s been more discovered since then, and so the first thing is.

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Some people have been telling me they were able to update over cellular, so maybe you don’t have a wi-fi connection and you got the update. They were able to update over cellular now.

This was not everyone and it seems to be hitor miss, but some people were actually able to dothat. So that’s a really nice feature. If you arebecause, i know not.

Everyone has accessto wi-fi at all times, so it seems likethat should be something that will be cominghopefully soon to everyone. As i know, a lotof people could benefit from this, but a lot ofthe times carriers.

Don’T want people to have itjust, because it will use a lot of data if youhad a million people updating on your networkat once so. It makes sense why they didn’t wantit. I think we should be able to do it now.

Buthopefully we’ll see that in the future toeveryone the next thing is apple, has addedcycling directions in apple maps for Portland andSan Diego. Now this is available to ios 14.

Alsothey pushed it to all devices. But if you go to saySan Diego, i just found a route here.

I’Ve actuallyam not familiar with this area, so you’ll see thatwe, have cycling directions now and it will showyou the elevation. If you take that route and whatit’s like and it says side roads and shared roadsmay require walking.

If you take that route togo there and you can avoid hills and busy roadsso those cycling directions, are there in bothSan, Diego and Portland now, so that’s reallynice that they’ve added that now the next thing isthere’s even more changes in music that i didn’tmention in the first Video that people havediscovered, so if we go into music for exampleone thing is you can actually share lyrics so i’min a song here.

If i press and hold on a lyric andjust, maybe tap these different lyrics. I can thenshare them, so i can do share a song, but now i canshare these individually, so messages and i canshare the lyrics, along with a clip of the songright there to someone showing them thoselyrics.

So that’s a new feature within musicwe’ll cancel that now within the lyricsif we turn off lyrics and go to airplayairplay.

The menu is a little bit smaller it’sjust a little bit different depending on whoyou. Ask some people see a larger menu.

This doesn’tlook too much different to me, but some people areseeing a big change.

Just like i showed the changehere there’s a little bit of a different menu herebut. If we go out, go to the songs themselves, tap onthe, three dots: we have this smaller menu as wellwith.

A newer animation, so you have that as wellas. If you press and hold it’ll pop up a little bitdifferently sort of like it always did before sothere’s just different ways to interact with thosethings.

Now now, if i go over to apple music, maybei want to pick a song – that’s not on here so we’lljust go to this one tap on the three dots and youcan see the download icon has changed slightly sothey’ve updated this download icon it’s justa little bit different Than what we had beforeso minor changes within music and some extrasharing options have been added as well.

Now one thing, though, is if you use the equalizer or eqfor music. You go to settings, go down to your musicand, then you go to well, we’ll find it down hereeq and you turn it on and you use it for any ofthese.

I’Ve found and others have reported thatno matter what you do. It doesn’t seem to modifyit, so maybe you switch it to jazz or bass.

Reduceror bass, booster, it doesn’t seem to do anything atall, so this seems to be broken and, of course, i’llreport it in feedback and make sure you do as wellif you’re.

Seeing the same thing now, if we go toreminders the first time we open reminders: onios 14.5 beta 2, we’ll open it up, it will give usa new, pop-up and you’ll see it says, sort reminderssort, reminders by title due date and more.

We knewwe could do that in the first version of the betaand, then also print your list. Now it’s easy toprint lists and take them with you.

So this is justa new pop-up telling us about that. That shows upin reminders the first time you open it in beta

If we go back to the iphone, let’s go aheadand open shortcuts. So, let’s see, if i can findthat here, we’ll just search, go into shortcuts, andmaybe we’ll create a new shortcut and then maybesearch for an action.

The other day i told youabout a new one where you could add a screenshotthat’s, a new action they’ve added.

However, there’stwo more that they’ve added as well one of themis orientation lock, so you have the option: toset an orientation lock. If you want to do thatand, you also have the ability now for voice anddata modes.

So if we type voice and data, if you goand set a voice and data mode, you’ll see righthere, it says 5g. If we tap on this, we have theoption for lte, 5g, auto or 5g.

So we can create ashortcut that modifies this based on what we wantso. The new ones are shortcuts to add orientationlock the cellular data modes and also screencaptures as well or screenshots, so that part’sreally nice, as well now within the app storeif you’re using dark mode apple, has tweaked theprivacy a little bit so i’ll go into a game.

Like call of duty, for example, and if you scroll downto privacy, they’ve tweaked it a little bit so thatit’s a little bit easier to read compared to whatwe had before with ios 14
4, so you’ll see here’sapp privacy on 14.4 on the left and then versethe right, and this is the same game for exampleso. It looks a little bit different in dark modewith, some additional information and you can seedetails here.

If we go to see details, see detailsthey’ve supposedly made it a little bit easier toread, it doesn’t look too much different to me.

Butthere is some slight changes, so that’s somethingthat. Some people have noticed now the next thingis the discover button within the apple watch appis a little bit different again. So now we’re backto discover before this.

They keep changing it backand forth, and we saw this with previous versionsof betas before 14, where they would actuallyswitch the icon back and forth in the home app forexample, so they brought it back to discover nowand, that’s what it looks like currently now alsoapple has made the Bluetooth option to specifyyour connected device available again, so, if wego into settings we’ll go back, go to bluetoothand i’ll select.

My car, for example, you’ll see wehave device type back. This was removed in beta1 and they’ve brought it back in beta 2.
Usuallythey’Ll remove it if there’s a problem and they’llput it back once they solve that problem, so itlooks like it’s all, fixed and good to go therenow all of those same changes carry over to theipad as well, and the ipad has those exact samechanges to shortcuts and things In music as welland, so this update probably has a lot more in itbut.

So far, that’s all i’m aware of plus all theother things in the original video i did now asfar as battery life.

I thought i’d comment on thissince.

I will be doing a follow up in a few daysbut battery life on my ipad continues to be fairlypoor and the apple pencil. Some people suggestedremoving it seeing what it’s like it didn’t makea difference.

I actually removed it for a dayto see if it made any difference whatsoever. Andit didn’t so.

My battery life has not been greatyou’ll see. It was last charged at 1, 20 in themorning last night and since then it’s had aboutthree hours and 34 minutes of screen on time, andi’m down to 60 battery life.

Now that’s kind ofokay compared to what it was, but still it’s notgreat compared to what i was having before solet’s go ahead and put that back on and closethat now there are definitely some bugs stillin.

This update, it’s better than beta 1 was buti’ll, have more details about that when we getcloser to sunday where i normally do a follow-upvideo about the overall experience and be sure tocheck back for the youtube community poll, if youhaven’t seen it already so i’ll put that out.

Thereand then take the data from that and do a followup with all the information compiled from thereso a lot of great features in this particularupdate.

Still, the most handy one or the one iuse. The most is probably with the face: mask inthe apple watch, helping to unlock it when i’mout in a store or something like that. It makesit super easy to unlock, and it’s very convenientbut.

If you found anything more i’d, love to hearfrom you in the comments below i’m always lookingfor new things within the os that people havenoticed and, of course, i’m going to start doingmore with that in giving people a shout out.

Thathave helped me directly since more and more of youare starting to do that so feel free to messageme on twitter or contact me via email and i’ll give.

You a shout out if you were the one to tellme about the new feature that i didn’t al ready know about.

If you’d like to get your hands onthis wallpaper i’ll link it in the descriptionlike, i normally do and if you haven’t subscribedalready, please subscribe and if you enjoyed thevideo, please give it a like, as always thanks forwatching. This is Aaron i’ll, see you next time.

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