iOS 14.5 Beta 2 – More New Features

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PortalKota – iOS14.5 beta 2 has quite a few new features in iti mentioned a lot of them a couple days ago. But there’s even more that i wanted to cover since there’s been more discovered since then, and so the first thing is.

Some people have been telling me they were able to update over cellular, so maybe you don’t have a wi-fi connection and you got the update. They were able to update over cellular now.

This was not everyone and it seems to be hitor miss, but some people were actually able to dothat. So that’s a really nice feature. If you arebecause, i know not.

Everyone has accessto wi-fi at all times, so it seems likethat should be something that will be cominghopefully soon to everyone. As i know, a lotof people could benefit from this, but a lot ofthe times carriers.

Don’T want people to have itjust, because it will use a lot of data if youhad a million people updating on your networkat once so. It makes sense why they didn’t wantit. I think we should be able to do it now.

Buthopefully we’ll see that in the future toeveryone the next thing is apple, has addedcycling directions in apple maps for Portland andSan Diego. Now this is available to ios 14.

Alsothey pushed it to all devices. But if you go to saySan Diego, i just found a route here.