iOS 15, March Apple Event, iOS 14.5 Beta 3, AirPods 3 and more

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PortalKota – iOS 15, March Apple Event, iOS 14.5 Beta 3, AirPods 3 and more. About a March Apple Event and then that we mightnot have one as well as foldable, iPhone news iOS 15 information and more, and so this isthe news update for the week of February 21st 2021 and so the First thing is for the first timein quite some time about four years: according togartner apple overtook sales, when it comesto phones against samsung, so iPhone has longbeen against samsung.

As far as some of theleaders and apparently apple has overtakenthem in their overall sales of the iPhones inthe.

Last quarter of 2020., so i thought that waskind of interesting news. We haven't seen that in awhile.

So that's good news. If you're an apple userand, the next thing has to do with some smallnews about apple maps. So if you use apple, mapsand you're in the united arab emiratesyou'll now have access to turn by turnnavigation.

So if you go into maps so now youhave access to turn by turn, navigation like thisbut, you won't have speed limits or laneguidance. Unfortunately, maybe a little bit laterand.

There'S still no public transit informationbut, at least you have turn by turn and in myuse of apple maps, i've actually found that it'squite good and in sometimes better than googlemaps.