iOS 15, March Apple Event, iOS 14.5 Beta 3, AirPods 3 and more

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PortalKota – iOS 15, March Apple Event, iOS 14.5 Beta 3, AirPods 3 and more. About a March Apple Event and then that we mightnot have one as well as foldable, iPhone news iOS 15 information and more, and so this isthe news update for the week of February 21st 2021 and so the First thing is for the first timein quite some time about four years: according togartner apple overtook sales, when it comesto phones against samsung, so iPhone has longbeen against samsung.

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As far as some of theleaders and apparently apple has overtakenthem in their overall sales of the iPhones inthe.

Last quarter of 2020., so i thought that waskind of interesting news. We haven’t seen that in awhile.

So that’s good news. If you’re an apple userand, the next thing has to do with some smallnews about apple maps. So if you use apple, mapsand you’re in the united arab emiratesyou’ll now have access to turn by turnnavigation.

So if you go into maps so now youhave access to turn by turn, navigation like thisbut, you won’t have speed limits or laneguidance. Unfortunately, maybe a little bit laterand.

There’S still no public transit informationbut, at least you have turn by turn and in myuse of apple maps, i’ve actually found that it’squite good and in sometimes better than googlemaps.

When it comes to newer locations, it seemsto be updated more quickly, at least in my usenow, the apple event that many people includingmyself mentioned last week that supposedly wouldhappen around march 16th, according to ihack 2pro and then later confirmed by mark german hassaid, that it will not Be happening on the 16thnow that doesn’t mean we won’t have an eventlater in the month, but on the calendar generallylast year on the 16th, which is a few weeks awaywe could see.

Maybe some product announcementsbut don’t expect an actual event. Last year, appleactually introduced the ipads pro a magic keyboardand, the macbook air, via press releases in march somaybe, we’ll see something similar to that or maybewe won’t.

But at this point it looks like there’sno event on the 16th, maybe something a little bitlater with some new ipads pro.

Maybe new, airpodsas well i’ll talk about those in a moment now, alsomark german said don’t expect air tags on march 16either.

However, no one is confirming whetheror, not we’ll have those later in the monthso. We can locate our devices with air tags. Thecode is still in iOS, 14.4 and 14, so i guesswe’ll just have to wait and see when it comes tothat.

Now, when it comes to the iPhone there’s somenews about that as well, and the first thing is ifyou have an iPhone apple apparently will no longer have to replace the entire device.

If you crack theback glass according to an internal memo, accordingto mac, rumors apple will now have the ability toswap parts of the device instead of the entiredevice costing you a lot more. So according to macrumors, they said genius bars and apple.

Authorized service providers will have a new iPhone rearsystem part available to them that consistsof, the rear enclosure, the iPhone itself of courseits components, except the display and rear cameraswould not be included.

However, it would havethe battery the logic board, the taptic engineface id and anything else that’s needed.

So they’llhave different parts available, so they could swapexisting parts more quickly. I personally wouldjust like to have them swap the whole device.

Since it’s sealed at the factory, but it looks like theywon’t, have to do that now when it comes to iPhone13. Patently apple has found a new patent for avariable, refresh rate display that can adjust notonly from 60 hertz to 120, but also 180 and up to240 hertz.

So it would have a variable refresh ratethat can go all the way from 60 to 240 andthere’s something new about it, the applefound the reason to patent so apparently there’s apatent and it’s looking more and more likely.

That we’ll have a variable refresh rate display, withiPhone, 13 or 12s, or whatever apple calls thisalso iPhone 13. Due to those adjustments issaid to be bringing in always on displaynow. According to some, this is a hardware featureand.

Unfortunately, we may not see this with sayfuture versions of iOS, but rather because thehardware is different and can vary the refreshrates it could save power just like it does on theapple watch with its variable refresh rate so itdims when you put your wrist down and sort of Goesto sleep into a very low hurts mode to save powerwith, an always on display.

It makes sense. Thatapple would have this, but it’ll be unfortunate. To not have it on all phones and it’ll, be a reason toupgrade, i suppose now, according to another patentby, patently apple, there’s also dual screen iPhonesthat have been patented by apple now, whether thatmeans, a foldable phone or just a screen on theback.

Maybe a little notification here or mayberelating to a clamshell phone where it could foldand have a display in the corner and then yourfoldable display inside is hard to say, but applehas a patent for that. Nonetheless, and also omdiahas, said that apple is still working on a foldablephone.

That it would be about 7.3 to 7 6 inchesit’ll be an oled display with maybe even applepencil support, so maybe we’ll have apple pencilsupport on that foldable iPhone, which would makeit more like an ipad and seems to make more sensethan, maybe on an iPhone, but also according todigitimes lg is working closely with apple tomake.

This display, so many people had suspected itwould, be samsung and it still could be samsung butmaybe lg has something a little bit different, thatthey, don’t or maybe they just have excess capacitythat samsung doesn’t but either way this may notlaunch until 2023. So it could be quite some timebefore.

We see a foldable phone, but apple’s atleast working on it, whether it be clamshelllike this, where it would fold or be more likesamsung’s where it folds this way it’s hard tosay, but they could be working on something likethat now, according to mark german reverse wirelesscharging is not Coming to an iPhone anytime, soonwe have that ability on samsung phones but iPhonesdon’t have it.

However, according to fcc filingsall, the iPhone 12 lineup phones have the abilityto reverse wireless charge. So it’s kind of strangethat.

We don’t have the option even if it’s theremaybe we’re waiting for new mag, safe accessoriesfor, say air pods, for example, but we don’t havethe ability to have it and we may not have it forquite some time.

So that’s sort of unfortunate butit does look like apple. Is working on a batterypack of some kind based on code found in iOS 14.

so for those of you that really want a batterypack apple did come out with some interestingaccessories like this, for the iPhone whereyou take the iPhone out, put it back in andnow, we have a Sleeve for – the iPhone i haveanother – video on – this specifically but you’vegot – the sleeve – and this? Is an? Odd accessory? So? Whynot?

Have an? Accessory with, a battery pack that’smagsafe capable that, will allow it, to, chargeyour, phone just like magsafe where it adheres tothe. Back maybe magnetically whether it’s a case ornot, i’m not sure, but it would be nice to have thatoption in the future for a battery pack so 14.5appears to reference some sort of battery packhopefully we’ll see something like that now as faras when to expect iOS 14.5 Beta 3, well, i would sayas soon as tomorrow, if we’re on a one-week cycleor, it could be the following week if we’re stillon, a two-week cycle based on what apple’sdone year over year, they’ve had up to sevenbetas at some points, so we could see more betasbut, then based Off iOS 14.

We could have a publicrelease this week as well with iOS 14 5, since 14.4only had two beta releases, so right now, apple’sschedule seems to be a little bit different.

Thanwhat we’ve had in the past, so hopefully we’ll seesomething soon, but i would expect some sort, ofbeta or maybe even a public release this week.

But at this point things are up in the air and notreally similar to what they’ve done in previousyears, with iOS 13 iOS, 12 iOS 11. Any of those ifyou look back at what they’ve done this year, isnot anything like that.

So don’t expect publicreleases the same way. I suppose at this pointeven, though they stopped signing iOS 14.3 it’sbeen more than two weeks, and generally we wouldhave a public release by now.

So i would expectsomething soon, but there’s no guarantee at thispoint, since it seems apple, has changed whateversort of release schedule they had in the pastnow as far as iOS 15 ihack 2 pro, which seems tobe fairly accurate with some of these leaks.

Whenit comes to iOS, specifically has said to expecta new lock screen new control center with iOS 15as well as more interactive, widgets and maybesome different sizes.

According to some tweets, andpossibly split view for multitasking now whetheror, not we see this is hard to say it’s some ofit.

I’Ve said i’d like to see in iOS 15 I wouldlike to see a redesigned control center. I actuallyprefer the older style where they slid up fromthe, bottom and sort of covered part of the screenhowever.

The newer version is a littlebit more functional since iOS, 12 or sobut. I prefer the older one a little bit moremyself, but in general i think we’ll see atleast.

Some modifications to that and always ondisplay on the lock screen makes sense as well asmore interactive widgets, where we can interactwith these a little bit better seems to make alot of sense. So hopefully we’ll have somethingthat’s a little bit better with iOS 15 as faras.

That goes now. 52 audio has given us a recentleak of what appears to be AirPods 3, so they’resimilar to airpods pro in a way but they’re alsodifferent, in that they don’t have removable tipsat the end or noise cancellation.

At least whatit looks like from these pictures, so it lookslike.

The case is a little bit smaller and it alsomay maintain the touch controls that we have onthe airpods pro, where you can press and hold thechange between transparency or noise cancellationinstead.

We can use it for changing music tracksthings like that and we’ll have something likethat fairly soon. It looks like these match.

Whatother people have leaked before and they matchwhat other people have said before to expect withthe next airpods. So i would look forward to thosenow.

I did want to show you one other thing as wellfrom antonio de rosa, i showed you a concept lastweek of his apple glasses, but he made this conceptshowing what an apple cryptocurrency wallet couldlook like.

So it would be a really interestingsleek wallet if cryptocurrency takes off to bethe main way of paying for things it could looksomething like this.

So i thought maybe it wouldbe something interesting that you would enjoy hemakes a lot of great concepts, so i’ll link him inthe description.

So if you want to check out theother works, he’s had as well, but let me know ifyou think apple should do their own cryptocurrencyand. What you think an apple wallet would look likeand.

Finally, apple has released a new securitywebsite updating how all of their security worksso apple platform, security.

You’Ve got a tableof contents here that talks about everythingfrom encryption and data protection to appsecurity and helps you understand how theydo things, how their hardware is secure and moreso i’ll link that in the description as well, ifyou want to check that out. But it’s got a lot.

Ofinformation about security, how they do it, how youshould secure your apps as well – and so that’s itfor this week with the news, a lot of informationabout upcoming iPhones and i’m really lookingforward to the next version of iOS and hopefullyiOS 14.5.

Soon, if you’d like to get your handson, this wallpaper, of course i’ll link it in thedescription like i normally do and if you haven’tsubscribed please subscribe and if you enjoyedthe video, please give it a like, as always thanksfor watching. This is Aaron i’ll, see you next time.

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