iOS 15 Supported Devices, New Macs, iOS 14.4 releasing soon, iPhone 13 and more

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PortalKota – iOS 15 Supported Devices, New Macs, iOS 14.4 releasing soon, iPhone 13 and more. This is your news update for the week of january 24th. 2021And.

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This past week was a lot of news about ios14.4, releasing as well as maybe some new macbooksios, 15 compatibility and more but first i wantto talk about the upcoming iphone for 2021it seems like we just got the iphone 12 pro max but.

There’s a lot of information saying that theiphone 13 or iphone 12s, whatever apple, decides tocall it according to digi times apple is indeedworking to shrink the notch.

A lot of people don’t like the notch and so apple, is working onworking on making the smaller, whether that meanshorizontally or vertically, though, is yet to beseen.

I think they’re going to shrink it verticallymore than horizontally, as if you’ve seen the pixel3xl, for example, from google. The horizontal notchis narrower and it just doesn’t look as good soif.

They could shrink it vertically make more ofthe screen available when watching video i thinkthat would be the better way to do it. Apparentlythey’Ve found a way to do this by combining someof the face id components to make the modules smaller overall.

So i look forward to that. Nowalso according to digi times apple is working. Onbringing sensor shift stabilization, like we havein the iphone 12 pro max over to all iphones in2021.

This would bring a couple advantages. One isthe stability could be improved.

We no longer wouldhave the lens mechanism on a float, but rather thesensor like we do in the 12 pro max and also ithink.

They could make the camera bump a littlebit, less protruding or make it smaller, maybeeven a flush camera again and maybe do that.

By bringing, a bigger battery there hasn’t been anyinformation about battery, but i would love to seethem update this so that it would be in all phonesand bring even better stability in the future.

Hopefully we’ll see that now this year, with therelease of the iphone 12 mini a lot of people, likethe smaller form factor, but according to recentreports in the supply chain, it looks like they’renot selling, as well as some others, so applehas shifted production from the iphone 12 miniover To the iphone 12 pro, where there’s higherdemand, which makes a lot of sense, apple, doesshift things around from time to time that doesn’tnecessarily mean the 12 mini is selling poorlyit just means that they have a higher demand. For the 12 pro.

So it wouldn’t surprise me if they’vemade a ton of 12 minis and now they need to shiftover to 12 pros we’ll, have to wait and see as faras the sales later on now with magsafe in the new iphone 12 series, there’s been a growing concern, bysome that it Interferes with medical devices andapparently, it does apple posted a support documentstating to keep the iphone 12 series or mag safe accessories, 12 inches or more away from magneticreactive medical devices.

So maybe you have apacemaker or something like that. You need to keepthese magnets away, so they don’t interfere.

However you would want to consult with a physician to makesure that it’s okay, so either way i think thosethat have those sort of magnetically reactivedevices would be familiar with this and generallynot, keep it near their heart or anything like thatso. It’S just something apple has acknowledged.

That it does react. Magnets in general will do that butif. You have mag safe phones or magsafe devices oraccessories.

Then it could react to those devicesso. Just be cautious of that and also check out thesupport document i’ll link it in the descriptionnow.

Finally, with the iphones, there is a lawsuitagainst, the iphone 6 for planned obsolescence.

Initaly italy is seeking 60 million euros orthose, who filed the lawsuit in complaints, ofpeople, saying that apple slowed down the phonein order to get people to upgrade now apple hasacknowledged that they do slow them down in orderto sort of allow for the battery to be replacedand.

Not have the phone reboot and then it will goback to normal, but prior to this a lot of peoplewere concerned that apple did that on purpose, itdidn’t tell anyone, and so italy is seeking damagesfor the users of iphone 6
So that’s somethingthat, we’ll see we’ll have to wait and see theoutcome of but it’s kind of interesting, seeing howthis phone’s fairly old at this point no longersoftware supported really but we’ll have to waitand see now.

Last week we had a lot of great newinformation about upcoming max from mark german atbloomberg. He has a great track record for gettingthings right and this week he’s given us.

Even morehe said that apple is working on a thinner, andlighter higher end macbook air that should showup in the second half of 2021 and have magsafenow.

I said last week that we should see magsafein the new macbooks according to mark as welland magsafe is a way to charge magnetically thatused to adhere to the side of the the macbooksand. Maybe you kick the cord, it doesn’t yank yourlaptop onto the floor, so we would have magsafealong with thunderbolt and maybe even sd cardslots according to mark.

So that’s something iwould really look forward to that. I really wantback and if you’re not familiar with an sd cardthis is an sd card.

Just like i use in the camerarecording this video and it’s much easier, insteadof using a dongle to just slide it into the sideof, the macbook and then be done with it.

Somethingi used all the time and when they removed it, i wasreally kind of annoyed that i had to use a donglefrom there on out so be great to have that backnow apple is also said to be working on face idfor macs, and this makes the most sense.

Instead, ofhaving to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock itwhich, isn’t that big of a pain but just havinga camera at the top? Just like microsoft, doeswith windows, hello or you do on your iphone openit up and it unlocks.

However, according to markthey won’t be in the next version of macs butrather, the version after that maybe apple’strying to get that module to be smaller for thenotch of the iphones first and then we’ll bring itover to the max, but apparently, according to markit, won’t be in that Version, so that’s a little bitsad, hopefully we’ll see more of that in the futurethat goes along with the new imac as well.

I thinkit’s perfect for an upcoming imac. That makes a lotof sense, but again, we’ll see a lot of max releasethis coming year.

Now, just like every year, apple’sworking on the next iteration of their apple watchand, it’s said that apple will have a blood glucosemonitor on the sensor on the back of the series

This is from et news, so i’m not sure of theirtrack record, but it is a patent that they own asfar as a blood glucose monitor, but the importantthing is to make sure that’s.

Accurate becausepeople depend on that, so if they can make thataccurate something that you wear on your wristwithout having to use invasive needles or anythinglike, that that would be a game changer for a lotof people and if they can bring that to a watchthat would be great. So they could get it medicalcertified and things like that.

It would be amazingfor those that have diabetes. So i think it wouldbe something great to see it’s hard to say: ifwe’ll, see it with a series: 7 apple watch buthopefully. We see some of something like that verysoon, as it would help a lot of people now.

A lot ofpeople expected an update today, because apple saidtime to walk, which is a feature of watch os 7.3betas or it was, was coming out today. However, theywere able to push it to devices with watch os 7.
So, if you go to your workouts, for example, youhave time to walk and all this is, if you tapon this, you can take a walk, send the audio toyour airpods, for example, and then you can listento stories from different people and it willtalk to you.

While you walk, you can see it’s 28minutes long, and this should be available now on asupported apple watch. So if you have watch os, 7.

it should just show up they were able to pushit on the server side. So we really thought thiswould be out with an update.

Today, with watchos 7.3but, it looks like apple didn’t need that howeveri would expect apple to release ios 14.4 alongwith watch os 7.

within the next couple of daysat most because today apple released a mac os 11
2Release candidate 2, but they didn’t release anyother updates, so i would expect them to push thisout as soon as tomorrow, with ios 14.4 ipad, os 14.4as. Well as watchos 7.3 tvos, 14 and homepodos 14.

4 expect all of those very soon now whenit comes to the next version of ios ios15, which we normally see in june at wwdcand, then releasing to the public later in theyear around september, according to a frenchwebsite called iphonesoft, ios 15 will no longerhave support for iphone 6S or the iphone se or theiphone 6s plus apple apparently will be droppingsupport for them.

We’Ve heard this before, but theywould drop support for those three devicesand. Instead, you would have to have an iphoneto use. The new version so you’d need an iphone7 or newer.

Now the same is true for ipad, so ipadmini 4 could lose support ipad, air 2 and ipad 5.

asically. Any a8 and a9 chips would no longer besupported. So that is what i expect. I would thinkiphone 7 and newer for ios 15. That makes a lot ofsense.

We’Ve had about six years of support. Onprevious phones such as the 6s, for example, andit, makes sense that apple would move on and onlyoffer security updates to those devices, as needednow apple is still said, to be working on augmentedreality and virtual reality, headsets so ar or vrand.

The first one is said to be a very expensivevr headset, so virtual reality where it’s similarto, something like an oculus but done in apple’sway.

It’S said to be quite pricey and coming assoon as 2022, according to mark german, also they’reworking on augmented reality, and that’s what i’mmore excited about where you have typical glassesthat could overlay things in your environment simple to similar to google glass but done muchbetter.

Since it’s been years you have more timeto, implement things, and so you could overlaydirections as well as maybe even people’s namesi’m interested to see something like that and thatwon’t be coming, though, probably until 2023 at theearliest.

So it’s going to be a while now appleis, still working on airpods, 3 and airpods pro 2and airpods pro are great, but whatever they coulddo next, maybe improve the noise cancellation.

Appleis said to be working on that and we should seethose as early as this year. There is no specificdate for that, but some have said as early as marchor april, so we should see those maybe a new designas.

Well, some of the designs have leaked these dolook like apples, but they’re definitely differentso. We could see something like that.

Now the finalbit of information has to do with the airpods. Maxand apple looks like they may have made itso.

You can replace the headband very easilymaybe. They had planned for different colors ormaybe they’re still planning something like thatbut. You can actually swap these fairly easilyif.

You have a sim card tool, so if you take offthe, ear cups, they’re magnetic take them off, set itaside extend this out like this will turn the theheadphone, then we’ll take a sim cardremoval tool and you insert it.

Herethis is a little scary to do but push it intohere and you have to be careful doing.

Thisand there we go the top pops out soyou push that in there’s a little pinand. Now you can swap the headband. It has amini, lightning connector sort of look to itand.

Then it just goes back in like this locksinto place and you’re good to go. It’S workingagain, so you put your ear cups back on so they’reeasily repairable.

I guess if you damage your yourhead or your headband and it works fine, there’s nowires going through here that you can see anywayand now, they’ll work again, no problem, so i thoughtthat was kind of neat and wanted to share thatwith you.

So that’s it for the news. This week, andof course look for ios 14.

Very soon and as soonas, it’s out i’ll be sure to let you know and i’llhave a video on that as well. If you’d like to getyour hands on the wallpaper, of course, i’ll link itin.

The description like i normally do and if youhaven’t subscribed already please subscribe, andif you enjoyed the video. Please give it a likeas. Always thanks for watching thisis Aaron i’ll see you next time.

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