iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 – Which Should You Choose?

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PortalKotaiPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 – Which Should You Choose?. iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 have a lot ofsimilarities, but there are some differences aswell, and so i wanted to help you decide whichone.

You should choose now i’m going to talk mostlyabout what’s different because most of the thingsare the same now. The first thing is the pricethe iphone.

12 mini comes in at 699, 749 or 849depending on the amount of storage you getthe, iPhone 12 is a hundred dollars more forthe same amount of storage, so 799, 849 and 9.49 sothere is a hundred dollar difference.

Both add 30 to. The price, if you want them, unlocked insteadof getting them through your carrier soit’s the first time we’ve seen apple, do thatyou’ll add an additional thirty dollars to thatprice.

If you want the unlocked version, you havethree different storage options, 64 gigabytes, 128gigabytes or 256 gigabytes.

They both come in theexact same color options, so we have black whiteproduct, red, blue and green, and so here the is thegreen iphone, 12 mini and the blue iPhone 12 andthe next thing.

That is a little bit different isobviously the size, but also the weight, because the iPhone 12 mini is mini.

It’S a little bit. Lighterit’S 4.76 ounces or 135 grams versus iPhone 12which is 5.78 ounces or 164 grams.

So there isdefinitely that difference now, of course, theiPhone 12 mini is smaller and, as you can see, hereit’s a lot smaller, the frame is basically the samewidth.

They both have a very nice matte, finishon them and let’s go around the outside edgeso, just like on both of them and all iphones ofthe past that at least have had power buttons, onthe side. We have the power sleep, wake button thenbelow that we have 5g.

They both get millimeterwave in the united states. That’S the 5g antenna onthe top.

We really don’t have anything on the leftside again they’re identical you have your silentswitch, your volume buttons and then a sim cardtray at the bottom on the bottom they’re slightlydifferent, just because of the overall size as youcan see here we have one less microphone hull soon.

The iPhone 12, we have three microphone holeson, the iPhone 12 mini.

We have two, then we haveour lightning port in the middle, which is niceand symmetrical, and then we have speaker holesas well, on the other side, the iPhone 12 mini hasfour.

The iPhone 12 has five of them, so other thanthose, they’re, identical in every way on the backthey have the same sort of camera, layout and theexact same cameras, so they are obviously differentsizes which makes the mini mini and the iphone12 sort of the normal size.

Now, when it comes tothe front of them, they both have face id and youcan see. The displays are obviously different, sizesbut with the mini, because it’s a slightly smallerdisplay, the notch is more prominent, so it’s alittle bit bigger.

If you look at the edges aroundthe notches here, it’s a little bit different, onthe mini the notch, looks bigger, even though it’stechnically a smaller notch by ever so slight anamount.

So i don’t know if you can see that butit is technically a smaller notch, but you havea smaller screen size. You have the exact same oledpanels as far as their quality.

They both go up to625 nits of brightness and full peak brightnesswhen playing hdr content at 1200. Nits so there’sno problem viewing them in normal daylight theyboth go super bright, which you can’t really seeon.

Camera will look too bright, but they’re bothvery bright, very good displays with great viewingangles they’re oled displays both of them, but onthe iPhone 12 mini. It’S a 5.4 inch display.

It’S 2340 by 1080, with a pixel density of 476 pixels perinch, it’s actually the most densely packed displaythis year of all of the iPhone 12s. As far as itspixel density with the iPhone 12, it’s a 6
1 inchdisplay 2532 by 1170, with 460 pixels per inch youcan’t see the pixels on either they look great onboth and, like i said they both have very vibrantdisplays they’re hdr.

True tone is supported. Onboth wide color, p3 haptic touch so no more 3dtouch.

That was gone last year, but you get haptictouch on both and then, of course, you’ve got thesame sort of fingerprint resistant coating on bothnow.

One of the major concerns on both of them aswell is its battery, so the battery size of bothis obviously different, because we have differentsize frames so because the camera module and thecpu and all of the different things inside arebasically the same you have to make the batterysmaller.

So, with the iPhone 12 mini, it’s a 2 27milliamp hour battery with the iPhone 12, it’s 2815 milliamp hours that will actually give youclose battery life, but the iPhone 12 mini is aboutan hour less battery life so about five hours, withthe iPhone 12 mini.

In my experience about six with the iPhone 12
Now this could change in the futureit could change based on how you use your phone if you’re a heavy user it will still get you through the day but generally you’ll have to charge it nightly or maybe once during the day ifyou’re a very heavy user if you use it casuallyfor some social media or maybe just playing musicwell then you can expect very similar battery lifeand they will easily get you through a day ormore now the other difference between them whenit comes to battery and charging is they can bothcharge very fast they both support fast chargingbut with the new mag safe the iPhone 12 minicharges a little bit slower it has a maximum of 12watt charging speeds so what that means is whilethe magsafe connector will technically charge alittle bit slower because the battery is smallerit will charge in the same amount of time as theiPhone 12 so it sort of evens itself out becauseof that both of them like i said support magsafeand all the mag safe accessories that allow forcharging with magsafe and you’ve got that niceanimation that goes along with it there we goand they all support the magsafe accessoriesthere’s cases for them and all sorts of things socases here’s another iPhone 12 mini so you haveleather and silicone cases from apple as well asother cases as well and again they support magsafeso they hold on magnetically now the thingsi’ve already listed are the major differencesbetween these phones they both have the same a14bionic cpu with four gigs of ram the same faceid that unlocks super fast they both equallyperform the same if you open music for examplethere’s they’re going to resume just as fastyou’re not going to have any issues with rammanagement and if you open the app store forexample you’ll see it’s nice and fast everythingis super fast on these phones opening the weatherapp going back to another app whatever you want todo is going to feel super fast and fluid there’sno compromises between either both have the samegreat cameras so you have 4k recording inthe front let me flip the cameras aroundyou have 4k recording in the front no problemwhatsoever the same exact cameras and the samecameras on the back 12 megapixel regular and12 megapixel ultrawide with the same apertures1.6 apertures for the normal wide aperture lens orwide lens and 2.4 aperture with 120 degree fieldof view for the ultra wide you’re not compromisingon the quality of the cameras whatsoever in eitherof them they both support hdr as well this yeardolby hdr so if we go down to our camera settingsgo to camera on both let me find it here there wego and you’ll see here are the recording optionsso 4k 60 and then if you use dolby visionhdr you can go up to 30 frames per secondso they’re both really great cameras and againthere’s no compromises between either you’regoing to have the same speed the same cameraexperience the battery life is slightly differentyou have slightly different sizes but there’s nocompromise between either other than the thingsi’ve already mentioned with the battery lifeand the difference in weight size and priceotherwise you can pick whichever one works bestfor you they’re both great phones i’ve heard alot of comments of people saying that the 12 miniis the perfect phone this year and i’ve heard alot of people saying that the 12 is the perfectphone size this year so it really just dependson which works for you as far as phone size forme personally the 12 mini is way too small youcan see it in my hand it’s very tiny but for methe 12 feels right this year with the 12 and 12pro the 12 pro max is a little bit too large onething you may have already noticed is they’re bothfingerprint magnets it’s going to show a littlebit easier on the darker phones this blue colorhas a ton of fingerprints already all over itjust from recording this video just holding itin my hands like normal so that’s somethingto keep in mind so that’s one thing thatyou may want to put a cover on the back a case ora skin or something like that both of them havethe same speakers they both support 1080p and4k youtube videos so if we go into youtube soyou can see here’s my video on the iPhone 12 promax review if we go to the resolutions availableyou can see we have 2160p at 60 frames per secondor hdr if the video is in hdr so 4k at 60 framesper second or hdr is supported on either they bothhave the same wireless antennas they both have 5gand the experience is basically the same it reallycomes down to which one is the right size for youif you pick the mini or the regular 12 there’s nocompromise between either it’s just a matter ofpreference for the size of it overall so hopefullythis helped you decide which one it works bestfor you again it’s a fairly simple choice sincethere’s not really a compromise between eitherbut you do pay a little bit less for the iphone12 mini versus the iPhone 12 you’ll save abouta hundred dollars otherwise everything’s the sameexcept for what i’ve already mentioned but let meknow if you picked up an iPhone 12 mini or an iPhone 12 and i’d love to hear which color youpicked up and which storage size as well let meknow in the comments below if you’d like to getyour hands on the wallpaper i have in this video of course i’ll link it in the description like inormally do if you haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and if you enjoyed thevideo please give it a like as always thanks forwatching this is Aaron i’ll see you next time you.

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