iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 – Which Should You Choose?

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PortalKotaiPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 – Which Should You Choose?. iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 have a lot ofsimilarities, but there are some differences aswell, and so i wanted to help you decide whichone.

You should choose now i'm going to talk mostlyabout what's different because most of the thingsare the same now. The first thing is the pricethe iphone.

12 mini comes in at 699, 749 or 849depending on the amount of storage you getthe, iPhone 12 is a hundred dollars more forthe same amount of storage, so 799, 849 and 9.49 sothere is a hundred dollar difference.

Both add 30 to. The price, if you want them, unlocked insteadof getting them through your carrier soit's the first time we've seen apple, do thatyou'll add an additional thirty dollars to thatprice.

If you want the unlocked version, you havethree different storage options, 64 gigabytes, 128gigabytes or 256 gigabytes.

They both come in theexact same color options, so we have black whiteproduct, red, blue and green, and so here the is thegreen iphone, 12 mini and the blue iPhone 12 andthe next thing.

That is a little bit different isobviously the size, but also the weight, because the iPhone 12 mini is mini.