iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Which should you choose?

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PortalKota – iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Which should you choose?. iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro maxare, both fantastic phones and they have a lot of similarities. But there are some differences as well, and so I wanted to help you decide.

Which one would be best for you, and so the first thing is the price, the iPhone 12 Pro comes in at999 dollars and goes all the way up to 1299the iPhone 12 Pro max is a hundred dollars.

More for the same storage options so 1099 up to 1 399.you can get it in 128, gigabytes, 256 or 512.

and itcomes in four different colors. This year last year they had a green color. That's now gone andreplaced by this new pacific blue color thati have here.

You also have silver, gold and graphitegraphite are just a replacement name for space grayest. They basically look the same from year to year now.

Obviously you have a very big size, difference between, the two of them and the weight differenceas. Well, the iPhone 12 Pro is 6.66 ounces or 189grams, or the iPhone 12 Pro max is 8.03 ounces, 228 grams.

Its definitely heavier you feel the difference and it feels much larger in your hand this year because the edges are squared.

Offthe edges are stainless steel this year and you have. The same sort of layout you've had every year, so you have a stainless steel edge glass front and back and you have your power sleep wakebutton.