iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Which should you choose?

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PortalKota – iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Which should you choose?. iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro maxare, both fantastic phones and they have a lot of similarities. But there are some differences as well, and so I wanted to help you decide.

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Which one would be best for you, and so the first thing is the price, the iPhone 12 Pro comes in at999 dollars and goes all the way up to 1299the iPhone 12 Pro max is a hundred dollars.

More for the same storage options so 1099 up to 1 399.you can get it in 128, gigabytes, 256 or 512.

and itcomes in four different colors. This year last year they had a green color. That’s now gone andreplaced by this new pacific blue color thati have here.

You also have silver, gold and graphitegraphite are just a replacement name for space grayest. They basically look the same from year to year now.

Obviously you have a very big size, difference between, the two of them and the weight differenceas. Well, the iPhone 12 Pro is 6.66 ounces or 189grams, or the iPhone 12 Pro max is 8.03 ounces, 228 grams.

Its definitely heavier you feel the difference and it feels much larger in your hand this year because the edges are squared.

Offthe edges are stainless steel this year and you have. The same sort of layout you’ve had every year, so you have a stainless steel edge glass front and back and you have your power sleep wakebutton.

On the right hand, side followed by your5g millimeter wave antenna in the united statesso. Not everyone gets this, but it’s for millimeterwave. If you have that specifically Verizon or a ton.

The bottom, the speakers are the same. Although you have a couple less speaker holes this year just on the smaller size, so it’s sort of symmetrical, four verse three when it comes to the microphone and five verses.

Six when it comes to the speakers now on the other, the side on the left hand side again, you have the exact same thing.

So you have your volume buttons, your silent switch and your sim card tray and they’rein different spots this year – and you can see. Theedge of this is an absolute fingerprint.

Magnet and you will have to wipe it off often, but the backbeing that it’s matte doesn’t have that issue now.

Obviously, one of the biggest differences is the displays and the displays are very similar as far as their overall pixel density, but the iPhone12 who are 6 1 inches or 2532 by 1 170 pixels with a pixel density of 460 pixels per inch.

The iPhone12 pro max this year gets a 6.7 inch display the largest display ever on an iPhone and it’s 2778 by1284 with 458 pixels per inch. They both have fantastic viewing angles.

They go. Super bright 800 nits of brightness at normal brightness and, then 1200, when playing back hdr videoand. They both look fantastic, both of themdo use, two to control the brightness which means.

The screens are flickering even though you’d see this with your eye, but they do flicker but they’re at a high enough rate. This year where they don’t bother my eyes at all, where they have in the past.

So, if you had issues with that, you really shouldn’t see a difference. Nowthe other big difference between the two of them other than weight and overall sizeis the battery.

The iPhone 12 who has a 2 815milliamp hour battery and the 12 pro max has a 3687 milliamp-hour battery and that battery does make a difference when it comes to overall screenon time and usage.

When you’re using your phone day to day the iPhone 12 Pro will get about six hours of screen on time, depending on how you’reusing it with the iPhone 12 to max, you can expect closer to about 11 or 12 hours of screen on time with normal use. This is my daily phone here.

And you see. If I go back a few days depending on the day, it’s going to vary greatly, but generally i’ll get about 10 hours of screen on time. 3.

Hours and 49 minutes of screen on time, 16 minutes ofscreen off time, and I used it about a quarter of the battery, so it lasts throughout the day the iPhone 12 Pro. In my normal use, I got five and a half six.

If I was lucky so I use it. Theexact same way you can see I have the same icons and everything, so I used this one: the 12 pros wapped the sim card to the 12 pro max and then used it that way.

Now, when it comes to the camera son, both of these phones, the forward-facing camera is identical in every way it looks great, does 4k60 has hdr, but the rear cameras are a little bit different this year.

The camera module in the 12pro max is much larger, as you can see here, they’just, it’s a bigger overall, which allows for a 47larger sensor on the 12 pro max that allows better detail and low light when you’re taking photos and video. So that could be a huge advantage.

Although we not seeing a huge difference yet, but as you can see in these photos from the main camera we have a 1.6 aperture, there’s a nice depth of field but, you can’t really see the difference unless you zoom way in so there’s not a huge difference.

Here but one thing you do get that’s a little bit different on the 12 pro you have optical image stabilization, which actually makes the lens itself float on the 12 pro max.

It’s actually image stabilized via the sensor or sensor shift optical image, stabilization, similar to that of the mirrorless camera.

I’m recording to now the sensor itself is larger and on a float that way, the lens is not sort of jiggling around all the time.

Sothe sensor moves instead, which usually ends up being a better way to do that, you also have ultrawide, of course, and telephoto, but the telephoto isdifferent on the 12 pro max as well.

It can go up to 5x optical zoom when punching into the sensor where. The 12 who can go up to 4x.

You can zoom indigitally as well a little bit further, but the difference is very small so because of the overallsensors and things the major difference is with the main camera.

With the larger sensor now both have lidar, which helps for better depth of field and night, portraits and also augmented, realityand.

Then both of them record in 4k 60 hdr, which is really incredible. I recorded my 12 pro max reviewin hdr. If you want to see that I actually uploadedit in hdr, so if you have a hdr capable display you can see it, but you’ll see the option. 4K.

60And down here for, so you have the or option, which is really impressive and it does a great job now other than what I’ve already mentioned.

Everything else is the same. You have the same face id sensoryou have the same water: resistance: ip68, six meters for, 30 minutes.

You have the same a14 up with six gigabytes of ram, which means the phone is super fast, has a great memory, management or ram managementand? Also, you get the same fast charging withmagsafe, so both of them support magsafe this year where. It will fast charge and align itself.

Usingthe massage adapter and charge it 15 watts however, you use a wired charger with a 20 watt.

Adapteryou can charge 50 in 30 minutes on either it will slow down after that and take about an hour and a half total to charge depending on your phoneand.

So both of these are very similar and it really comes down to size and battery life ithink for most, while the cameras are different, and think in the future we’ll see more improvements with the larger sensor on the 12 pro max right now, it’s very very close, and I don’t Think it really matters to a whole lot of people.

The 5G is the exact same. You get the same, speeds the same quality connections with a qualcomm mode mand.

The major difference is the size and battery life. If you really want a lot of battery life, theni would go with the 12 to max if the battery life does matter as much and you want something that fits in your hand, a little bit better. Well then, iwould go with the 12 pro.

Both are excellent. Phonesbeing that they’re within 100 of each other that extra 100 may make a difference for you as well.

Just keep that in mind, but really they’re, very very close and the camera is a little bit better this year in the 12 pro max, otherwise, there’s no difference whatsoever.

The same speakers, the same microphones, the same reception just size, battery and, the cameras are the major thing now hopefully that helped you decide which you should choose whether that be the 12 for the 12 pro max or maybe even sticking with a different phone or going with something else.

Hopefully this helped. You out let me know in the comments below if you picked one of these up which color and which storage size i’love to hear from you in the comments below ofcourse. If you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper, I’ll link it in the description, like normally do.

If you haven’t subscribed already though, please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like, as always thanks for watching. This is Aaron I’ll, see you next time.

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