irctc mobile number already registered problem fixed | Recover IRCTC Username & Password

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irctc mobile number already registered problem fixed – Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “ Theta box”. So today i get the following one error: notification.

While i try to create the account in irctc – and it shows, Mobile Number is already registered, but i don't know how my mobile number is registered And also i don't know what is the username and password.

So if you have this same problem, just follow me friends And the one and only way is just recover.

Your username first and then create a new password for your irctc account.

So how to do it?

irctc mobile number already registered problem fixed

So, let's goto our tutorial … In this home page section, you can press “ Login” And then i get the one option called Forgot username And they ask for my registered email, id and date of birth.

So i put the valid informations And also enter the captcha and click to submit
And then it shows the one message: Your User ID has been sent to your registered email id so friend's. If you don't know your email id, there is no possible to recover your irctc account.
So i try to check my gmail inbox And this is my user id, so i try to copy it And then go back to your same login page.

So after i get my user id now this time i try to press Forgot password And they ask for my recovered user id. So i try to paste that copied username and also put your date of birth And finally, click to “ Next”.