Making an Instagram Filter with Spark AR (the spooky special)

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Hey, It's spooky season … Around here. That means a few things pumpkins trick or treat and most importantly, Instagram.

So last Halloween we had a really great time making our spider-faced Arachne filter, and this year we decided we wanted to do something a little more along the linesof, a classic Hollywood monster.

We also knew we wanted to try out some of the newer features that have been added. So we put our heads together and came up with.

What we thought was a really fun idea based around Frankenstein's monster, So we're working with SparkAR Studio, a tool from Facebook, which is made specifically for.

The kind of small-scale augmented reality experiences that are perfect to be published on platforms like, Facebook and Instagram.

So when you're, making your face filter in SparkAR, the basic component is this: face tracker whichaccurately detects the position of facial featuresand can even detect ..

Facial expressions Once the track is in position. It'S then a case of working out the different assets that you want to attach to the tracker in order to achieve the look that you want.

Really that's where the fun starts. Sparkar comes with a set of default. Assetswhich contains a 3d model of a standard face and a texture for it.