OnePlus Android 11 Power Menu shortcuts Customizations

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PortalKota – OnePlus Android 11 Power Menu shortcuts Customizations Hello. Today, I am going to talk to you on any smart phone of OnePlus, on which your android eleven is working.

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How can you get some slider in this way with the volume controller and that’s what torch on off brightness level low, high, auto brightness enable disable battery percentage, show up screenshot split screen, ringtone volume, controller, alarm volume, controller screen time controller about these things? How can I tell you today, but before friends, slightest of here, Cleanliness should be done, because here due to corona virus, a little sanitizer can also be given to it.

As you can see, it is the winter season and I have given it a nano in some way.

Now I kill it with a cloth so that it becomes absolutely clear. Its people see the screen.

If you see it clear, then, As you can see, I have beaten it very well, and this device has been switched off here. Due to this, it has got more cold in a little winter.

Now you can see the screen, it’s quite clear Will be seeing it because now it has taken a bath, it’s bath has been washed.

Now I talk to you, then you are watching an application. This power menu control is called power menu. You have to download some of these ways.

You have to show it here: it is showing here whether something will be controlled, and then you have to move forward in some way till you get to see your destination after this, you will ask this permission. Some can drop over apps in this way.

So you have to give permission to it. You have to find this application in it and you will get to see this application After that, you will have to come back.

You will also have to give the permission of the accessibility given There is nothing to worry that it is not going to share the details of any of your permission anywhere, so you do not get to see such a punishment.

You have to come back from this and whatever you need in all these tongues now I can understand that your need may be very much for that.

You enable them all in some similar way, but you can see this enable It is asking for something else to happen.

Let it proceed and then tap on accessibility again and stop this option. It will stop by stopping to come back to tap the power menu controller.

Again and enable it Now, you can see completely, it has been enabled, and it has now enabled all these features in this way.

If you use Paytm, then you can enable it here too, I do not use such. I have not downloaded any application that sends money from me to someone else.

Question if you’re can ad are also seeing in this application. If you also want to use this shortcut, you must root device moment. I do not root some same things.

We have people, try, Because it is in reverence. You have to come back and close this application from here now you just have to hold and tap the power key and you will get to see the option of device controller.

You will tab on it. So you will get to see the power menu shortcut by tabbing on it all the things whose options were enabled from there are available to you.

Now you can tick those things you want to get here. You will be able to see in front of you and after that you have to save. As you can see, all these things have now come on the screen.

Now you can also control the volume media. You can also control the brightness.

You can see the entire shortcut available on it. If you get it, then all these shortcut to use the device in the same way.

If given this is a special feature of Android eleven here but Oxygen OS does not know what things it is giving inside itself.

Then, in this way you can use this shortcut to download this application. If I did not tell you, you can download it by going to Google Play Store and you will get to see the application under the name of the power menu control. You will find the link in the description of the video too, so you can download from there also hope today That you would like my information.

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