OnePlus Android 11 Power Menu shortcuts Customizations

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PortalKota – OnePlus Android 11 Power Menu shortcuts Customizations Hello. Today, I am going to talk to you on any smart phone of OnePlus, on which your android eleven is working.

How can you get some slider in this way with the volume controller and that’s what torch on off brightness level low, high, auto brightness enable disable battery percentage, show up screenshot split screen, ringtone volume, controller, alarm volume, controller screen time controller about these things? How can I tell you today, but before friends, slightest of here, Cleanliness should be done, because here due to corona virus, a little sanitizer can also be given to it.

As you can see, it is the winter season and I have given it a nano in some way.

Now I kill it with a cloth so that it becomes absolutely clear. Its people see the screen.

If you see it clear, then, As you can see, I have beaten it very well, and this device has been switched off here. Due to this, it has got more cold in a little winter.

Now you can see the screen, it’s quite clear Will be seeing it because now it has taken a bath, it’s bath has been washed.

Now I talk to you, then you are watching an application. This power menu control is called power menu. You have to download some of these ways.