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this team has reached our hands thanks to smart but if you are looking for this u another device do not forget to visit open the droid welcome to the full review of the samsung galaxy grand 2 the oversized, mid-range team that was quite successful in the year previous now comes back with a quad core hd screen and a number of others surprises so we invite you to see this complete analysis To begin, the first thing we are going to see about the Samsung Galaxy Gran 2 is its technical specifications and of course its design the first thing that calls us the Attention is that indeed the screen of the computer has been greatly improved. samsung galaxy grand in this second generation we find a 5.25-inch screen that has lcd technology and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels one of the main limitations that the first version of the samsung galaxy grand was the low resolution of its screen in In this case we find a screen that looks much better than the Previous version also features a 1.5 quad-core processor gigahertz 1.5 gigabytes of ram memory and this version that we are analyzing is the tube version that allows the use of two sim cards of simultaneously also another of the technical specifications of this equipment with an 8 megapixel camera with led flash now its design has reminds us a lot of the design of the samsung galaxy know 3 that it is a plastic design but in this case it imitates the design of the leather we can also see that effectively the interface of android 4.3 abidín looks a lot like the one we had seen in the samsung galaxy note as we can see this is its notification bar there we can see that It actually looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy 13 and we also have the personal magazine that we had in this case in the samsung galaxy now 3 and also in the samsung galaxy s 5 it is available in this device also within the things that we have available is the option of windows multiple or to be able to use more than one application simultaneously as we can see we will accept and we will see that effectively we can run more than one application at the same time we will open the video player we will choose in this case one day there it is playing again we are going to select and we are going to use the internet browser there we can see what close to lower the volume a little there it is and we can see that we can effectively use two applications at the same time we can modify the size of each of these and the truth is that it works with quite fluently we are playing a video that has a full hd quality and besides that browsing a web page and the truth is which works quite well on this device so we can see that it doesn't we only find a better quality screen but also in this case you have added a number of utilities to the operating system properly so now we are going to see the performance of the internet and social networks of this team we are going to see your browser and we are going to enter the www site let's see the case of emol which is quite a site with containing a lot of content come down and be today we are entering the full version as you can see thanks to your screen is already hd the truth is that we can even read text quite a bit small and we do not need to do as much as an institution when it comes to being able use it as you can see the answer is pretty good without a doubt much better than the original samsung galaxy grand and thanks to its screen of 5.2 inches the truth is that it makes very very comfortable when it comes to browsing internet so quite well in that section also in terms of their networks social let's see the case for example twitter here we have the famous social network and we can see that indeed too another of the applications that also normally works fluently we carry out this is the case of instagram here we can see this social network of photography and here again thanks to its hd screen the truth is that you can see much better this social network since we can enjoy the photographs of better way we finally have the facebook case now we have the famous network socially and indeed we can also see that it works very well in this in this team so the truth is that its performance in internet social networks works great let's see your task manager we have a great number of applications in this case that were working and despite that the speed or response of the team has been very satisfactory so is that we are facing a team that gives us a very good performance The next thing we are going to see is its multimedia performance for that we are going to see for example the music player here we can see that we have the same interface that we had in the samsung galaxy know 3 at the time of playing in in this case we just select a song and there it is the truth is that the audio quality is quite good, the truth is very similar to the audio quality that we find in the samsung galaxy s3 but the truth is nothing from the other world in that section in terms of video playback we will see the application in this case of video here we can see it and we will play a full hd video as you can see the playback without any problem and again I think it I have done many times during this review it did not cease to amaze me in As for the quality of the screen in a mid-range computer, we find a equipment that of course has neither the specifications nor the price of a samsung galaxy s 5 but it gives us a very good experience to the mid-range The next thing we are going to see is the case of productivity thanks to its screen In this case we can use applications such as quick office to generate spreadsheets word excel powerpoint documents and the truth is that it becomes quite comfortable when using it of course as I have always said they are not teams primarily to generate a lot of content but if they are teams that actually work quite well to do quick edits of course we also have a mail application that we can use spanair application that we can also manage our agenda directly from this computer something that worth mentioning is also that the whole new generation of smart watches They also work with this equipment, for example we have a cyber fit connected and the truth works quite well in this device as you can see here I I have the fit rental that is synchronized with the samsung galaxy gran 2 and the truth is that it works quite well on this device.

send a notification and as you can see it is also shown in a immediate on the clock so we can see that we have a team of mid-range but despite that we will be able to enjoy all the functionalities that samsung offers us and also its different accessories we are also going to see the camera in this device which in this case has also been greatly improved in relation to what we find in the samsung galaxy grand original we meet again with a 8 camera megapixels but we do have all the different options that we find for example in the samsung galaxy s 4 or in the samsung galaxy note 3 except of dual recording to be able to use the front and rear camera so immediate but the quality of the photographs the truth is that it has been very good here we can see an example of a photograph taken with the camera and The truth is that the quality has been more than satisfactory he was moving away so from the camera's point of view we are not of course with the best camera but yes with a very good camera to be a mid-range equipment so in that section it also works quite well in terms of performance in games we can play games such as destroy 2 the truth that all current games work quite well in this equipment of course not with the level of fluency of a samsung galaxy s 5 by example but despite that they are more than playable of course casual games like angry birds candy cards etc.

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They will work without any problem inside this device so it has not been not the ideal equipment in this case for gamers but that they will be able to play without major complications in this device in conclusion that we can say about the samsung galaxy grande 2 first let's talk about the positive things we liked without a place to you doubt its new 5.25-inch hd screen the major flaws of the first version of the samsung galaxy grand was the low quality of your screen and without a doubt in this new version that already its quad-core processor and 1.5 is completely solved gigabytes of ram memory allow a very good performance to the equipment and also we liked its improvements in terms of its build quality its 2600 battery milliamps actually quite well within its category but of course we would have liked a battery maybe a little bigger but to make a mid-range equipment the truth is that it is quite good android 4.3 and the same touchwiz interface that we had seen in the samsung galaxy know 3 so if you are looking for a large screen equipment at an adjusted price without Undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 this time if it becomes a very good option to consider

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