Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016), (2017) – SECRET CODES

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hi guys in this tutorial I want to show you some secret codes for Samsung Galaxy g5 and the first code that I want to show you is the code that show you shows you the email number and let's type Asterix hash zero six hash and here is the MA and the serial number and click OK and another code is the one that shows us the software version of the phone and let's type Asterix hash one two three four hash and here is done model number g500 f12 SIM version and here is the software version ok let's go back and I have another code and let's type Asterix hush one two five eight zero Asterix three six nine hash and here we have the software version and the hardware version of our phone ok now let's go to the chords that shows us some tests over this phone and we have a code that allows you to enter in a quick test and the code is Asterix hash seven three five three hash okay and here we have the melody the vibration test just because diming the camera and the front camera okay the Bluetooth the bluetooth is on okay dot not right mod and we have the accelerometer sensor okay and the proximity sensor okay and another code its Asterix hush 0s trick hush and here we have another test of our phone and let's see the display test okay we have here the colors okay now the receiver vibration dining okay mega cam sensors this is the accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor okay the touchscreen you must complete the touchscreen test to exit okay this is sleep mode must power the press the power button to come back the speaker the sub key here is the test of the keys okay the front camera and here we have some low-frequency test okay the black test and this is the whole eye test this is something with magnetic test and I don't know for sure what is okay so this was the test mode and another test that I have another code is Asterix hash 0 0 1 1 hash and this is the service mode and let's click on this we have some network or data and you can click on more and click back and here we have another day done ok click back again click back and click end ok this was the service mode code and we have the battery status code and this is Asterix hush 0 2 2 8 hush and here we have the battery status ok and we have here a quick start but we have a warning and do not use it unless it is written in your test procedure and I will click cancel ok and we have used a called settings this is Asterix hush 0 8 0 8 hash and here you can choose what to use the best settings you know you want for this one okay another code that I have is the camera firmware code this is the asterisks are three four nine seven one five three nine hash and here we have the camera femur okay and let's check and here is the camera fear my okay so this was my video for today and if you want you can subscribe to our channel to watch more interesting tutorials have a nice day