Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Impressions!

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hey what is up guys I'm KB HD here back with a quick video that I wasn't expecting to make on something that came out today from samsung's announcements this phone you're looking at here kind of looks a lot like a Galaxy Note 4 I just did an impressions video on one you might not be able to tell the difference it except that it's totally weird this is the thing now this is the Samsung Galaxy Note edge and yes this is absolutely another one of Samsung's crazy let's try everything phones that's actually coming to life and to be fair when the Galaxy Note first came out it was another crazy experiment but now they're everywhere so maybe this is one of those things that looks crazy now but you know might look totally normal in the future who knows so this is the Note edge is clearly nearly identical to the Galaxy Note 4 it's brother it has all the same internal specs all the same software same camera same everything but it has some extra display hanging off the edge and that's what they call it the edge display or the edge screen so here's how it works up front on the front is a 5.6 inch quad HD Super AMOLED display it's fantastic so again super high pixel density here and then curved over on the right hand side is an additional 160 pixel wide strip of display and that's it that's what this one is all about I figured I'd show to you guys because you're probably going to start hearing about it on the news as Samsung's crazy new curved display but it's really not all that crazy it already has the super high-end specs that we know are going to perform well from the note 4 so it's really all about whether or not this awkward shape can actually help using the phone instead of hurting it so Samsung's built in a bunch of different features into the software to work just on that strip that you can swipe between there's sports scores custom messages Twitter trending topics even an alarm clock mode that will just show the time super dim but what's really cool or at least what can make this really cool is that Samsung is giving out an SDK for developers to be able to make apps that actually use this strip it's called the edge screen there's already a bunch of settings and a bunch of things to pick from but the other thing people aren't talking about is when you really want to take advantage of that entire front display that strip needs to get out the way and when I spend time with it it looks like it does a pretty decent job of doing so so like when I'm watching you to video and I go fullscreen the bar disappears so it's fine it leaves this faint text that says my Galaxy Note edge but I think it should really be just pitch black and I want I want to bring it back I can swipe in at any time move around between them and when I want to go fullscreen again I can just tap the video again and it goes back to fullscreen so as long as it's this seamless it seems like it will be out of my way when I don't want it and it's actually kind of hard to tell where the flat part of the screen ends and the curved part begins because the graphics overlap so often but I could see this kind of stuff being useful to someone once they get used to the swiping gestures to bring these tools in and out of view there will always be people saying that's really dumb I'm never going to use that but again some people will probably be willing to try it I think the one thing they drew up pretty well is these quick tools which are a swipe down from the side and they provide this quick access anywhere to tools like a stopwatch a voice recorder or even a ruler and what makes them so great is they operate entirely in the side panel so they're not like a window hovering over the top of your main activity this is true multitasking because they're just over the side next to what you're doing they're not interrupting that's pretty legit also it left me wondering a couple things like which hand am I supposed to use this in our lefties not supposed to use this am I crazy for thinking this actually looks kind of cool I don't know I figured I would show it to you guys it's obviously a bit of a weird experiment but something I felt the need to get on video if you're into the note 4 this is something that's literally going to show up in stores alongside the note 4 when it comes out the only difference is going to be the edge screen and the slightly smaller 3000 milliamp hour battery since the curve kind of takes away some space but honestly the one that's going to decide whether or not this succeeds or fails is you because it's again it's another one of those Samsung throw it out the wall see if it sticks experiments so what do you think even after just watching videos on it I honestly don't know how I feel I held one I messed around with one I still don't know how I feel obviously it has a lot of the same advantages in the note 4 with the s-pen the camera huge display aluminum but on the other hand it still seems really awkward and unnecessary and cumbersome but that was only after an hour of use so let me know your thoughts the comments section right below that like button is always open thanks for watching this quick one and state for the next because September is just getting started talk to you guys later base

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