Samsung Galaxy Note Review Part 1

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Android 2.3 with Samsung's TouchWiz version 4 but you can just see how big this device is maybe it's too big for some maybe it's a perfect size for some we're going to find out in the review of the galaxy note but first some love the Best Buy Mobile when you go into Best Buy Mobile you'll walk out working they'll help you get your email your web all kinds of good stuff set up on your phone so when you walk out the door you don't have to set anything up at Best Buy Mobile you're good to go let's take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note is this thing too big is it just the right size maybe you should go even bigger maybe a 6 inch tablet phone we'll find out in the for review which starts right now so this thing is huge particularly when you compare it to other devices like the iPhone 4s for example actually fits inside of the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note and then you have the either recently released Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX here and you know just giving you some comparisons here so you can really see the size difference of the Galaxy Note versus some of the other high-end AndroidAndroidAndroid devices particularly TouchWiz 4.0 so you can see with the big 5.3 inch display when I split it up into landscape mode I can see the messaging category over here and then I can see the individual messages so when I click on it if I had more than one I could individually click down I could see the text messaging thread over here on the side so there's three key actually two keyboards rather that come pre-installed the one you just saw is called Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard it's downloadable through the Android

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