Samsung Galaxy Note Review Part 1

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is it a tablet is it a phone is it a phablet maybe I don’t know you tell me what’s going on guys I’m Erin from phone and I’m here with the Samsung Galaxy Note now this is the international version AT&T is getting this bad boy somewhere around February 18 least that’s the rumor right now was announced at CES it’s coming soon to 80 the international versions in the house and this sucker is packin a dual-core 1.4 gigahertz processor a 5.3 inch Super AMOLED HD display an 8 megapixel camera a front facing camera and of course Android 2.3 with Samsung’s TouchWiz version 4 but you can just see how big this device is maybe it’s too big for some maybe it’s a perfect size for some we’re going to find out in the review of the galaxy note but first some love the Best Buy Mobile when you go into Best Buy Mobile you’ll walk out working they’ll help you get your email your web all kinds of good stuff set up on your phone so when you walk out the door you don’t have to set anything up at Best Buy Mobile you’re good to go let’s take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note is this thing too big is it just the right size maybe you should go even bigger maybe a 6 inch tablet phone we’ll find out in the for review which starts right now so this thing is huge particularly when you compare it to other devices like the iPhone 4s for example actually fits inside of the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note and then you have the either recently released Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX here and you know just giving you some comparisons here so you can really see the size difference of the Galaxy Note versus some of the other high-end Android devices on the market it’s a big big foam and you have to ask the question is 5.3 inches actually it’s so big I prominent a focus out a little or a zoom out a little bit there we go so 5.3 inches is it too big or is it just right you know for me I think it’s uncomfortably large I’ll tell you that right out of the gate with the review it’s hard for me to hold Union this is a one-handed approach I have a hard time I can’t even touch my fingers naturally on this device and then you can see when I’m at the bottom I can’t go all the way to the top but then for people that use it for two-handed operation this might be the ultimate device for you just to give you a rundown on the Galaxy Note this is something Samsung is really billing as a combination of hybrid if you will phone / tablet just to give you a rundown of the specs 1.4 gigahertz dual core Exynos processor and keep in mind this is the international version that we got you know get the physical home button down here and then the two capacitive menu and back buttons you notice what AT&T gets this device a little bit later in the quarter you’ll see some design changes most notably this will go over to four capacitive buttons as opposed to having a physical button so that’ll be gone I’m going to shift this light back down here to give it a little bit more life whatever reason is wanting to reflect off that display anyway you’ll notice that and some other minor design changes and of course 4G LTE connectivity as well but this is a nice device in terms of specs expect well it has an eight megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording it’s got a two megapixel front facing camera it’s packing Android 2.3 with TouchWiz version 4.0 and it’s kind of big 2500 milliamp hour battery hiding back here along with a micro SD card slot and then it has an S Pen as well because this device again is bridging the gap between tablets and phones it has an S Pen which serves as basically a capacitive pin that’s built into the bottom of the device and you can use it for your gestures as well so if you get tired of using your finger you can scroll through with the pen and more so you got this option as well otherwise design-wise very similar to the galaxy s2 series that you’ve seen on a bunch of the different carriers worldwide it’s got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up here on the top your power button over on the side your a camera course on the back got your volume rocker over here on this side I’m still trying to get this battery cover back on long doing this there we go I think it’s finally popped back in and your micro USB charging port at the bottom of the device so it’s a reasonably speedy 1.4 gigahertz dual core Exynos processor and for those of us who I’ve worked with the Galaxy S 2 series over the past year so you know most of the people that you talk to the reviewers really like the Exynos chip set let’s say out of between X and O’s and the snap dragon the X knows is very very fluid in terms of performance and you do get that X and O’s performance over here on the galaxy notes you can see seven home screens on this bad boy TouchWiz 4.0 in full effect and then just to show you what comes pre-installed on the device because this is an international device and because this was imported you’re not going to see any carrier bloatware on this we’ll do a review of the AT&T one when it comes out but keep in mind it’ll have you know stuff like AT&T navigator and ATT family map more but out of the box you get some Samsung stuff here you get social hub music hub Reed Hubb all pre-installed ukies air all share and then you know gets nice little things like photo editor and s-memo which is one of my favorites and we’ll come back to that one in just a second then over here some stuff I pre-installed Facebook Weather Channel quadrants standard and more than of course Samsung Apps apparently some new updates on Twitter as well that’s pretty exciting mini diary and more so actually I’ll jump right into S Memo so you can take a look at this this is a pretty cool little application we’re going to go in here we’ll do a new note and I can use the pen to type or to write rather on the displace I can say an incident in typical phonedog format will say the quick brown and my like half cursive half pret quick brown fox is happy with the galaxy note and you can tell I’m pretty bad at this let me hold it put it down on the desk so we can do it this way and you can see the add the s-pen really in use here so we can say phone dog rocks my socks yo phone dog rocks my sake oh and of course you can doodle and Moritz prizing Lee it’s pretty accurate in terms of a gesture input of course you can use your finger as well along with the capacity pin and this has a little creative button on the side you can do some nifty little tips and tricks I press and hold and take a picture of the other screen where you press and hold and press the button I’ve got a screen capture so then I can send this over to a friend if I have a picture something I want to pass along it’s nice and easy to do with the s-pen which again comes built-in to the actual device so more in the S note capabilities in just a minute but let’s go to messaging and take a look at the interface because again I want you to see what it’s like with this gigantic 5.3 inch display so this is one of my demo phones I was sitting at text a test text message and you can see it organizes it out by date again an international format along with the time that I sent it so I can say the quick brown fox is ready for the note clear brown fox is ready for the note I can send that and it’s going to pop up along with the time that it’s sent as well and then of course when I get one back it’ll pop up in typical threaded SMS format very similar to the iPhone or iOS if you will and other Android devices particularly TouchWiz 4.0 so you can see with the big 5.3 inch display when I split it up into landscape mode I can see the messaging category over here and then I can see the individual messages so when I click on it if I had more than one I could individually click down I could see the text messaging thread over here on the side so there’s three key actually two keyboards rather that come pre-installed the one you just saw is called Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard it’s downloadable through the Android Market and I really like it because I’ve been a fan of the Android 4.0 keyboard so it’s nice to get that over on non Ice Cream Sandwich devices but out of the box would get two keyboards the Samsung keypad as you can see here and then of course you get swipe pre-installed as well so swipes your thing and of course with again big 5.3 inch display it should be relatively easy to do swipe I’m just terrible at swipe but that’s okay so you can see you can use swipe and of course portrait landscape mode transition effects are mostly quick and you get a nice little transition effect there we’ll go back to Ice Cream Sandwich key we’re actually going to Samsung’s keypad so you can see what it looks like as well and it’s a nice and fluid again giant 5.3 inch display makes it really easy to type on and of course you can use that pin as well if you so desire so we’ll come back over here to the main screen and take a look at the Internet now I have an AT&T SIM card in this and just to give you a heads up I does not to my knowledge support I t-mobile 3G or HSPA+ AWS bans in the United States if you port this international you’re going to have luck on AT&T you should get HSPA+ capabilities and 3G you’ll notice as I’m doing the review it’ll switch back and forth between 3G and HSPA+ as it goes because it’s not like an AT&T device where it keeps H Plus up there regardless of where you’re at it actually shows an accurate depiction of whether you’re on an HSPA+ backhaul or if you’re on a typical 3G backhaul so that’s pretty cool and a nifty feature I always love that on the international devices because it really shows you how often you switch between HSPA+ and 3G and then up here in the notifications bar a very typical TouchWiz set up Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS silent mode and autorotation toggles up here at the top along with a network ID and the ability to clear out your notification so phone dogs loaded up and you can see some minor differences to the way the browser looks here with full-back and Ford buttons and kind of a tablet slash desktop appearance you’ve got your windows over here your bookmarks over here so I can easily switch back and forth between wind I could pick up right where I left off and we’ll go into an ad for example to pop up in the secondary window and I can scroll right back over and get the phone doc so overall responsiveness very very good you know this Exynos processor I’m seeing a little bit of checkerboarding from time to time but overall it’s relatively zippy with out with little to no lag and it seems relatively responsive to my gestures and of course you can use the pin as well for some of the browser tips and tricks and then overall fluidity is pretty decent as well portrait landscape transitions are nice and fast so that’s pretty neat you know and of course this device is ideal for somebody who likes to browse the web a lot or watch YouTube or do anything with media be it you know take videos watch videos on YouTube browse the web a lot this nice big display is going to be perfect for you and the responsiveness appears to be good as well right in line with the other X notes based Samsung Galaxy has two devices out there on the market so you can see because the display is a little bit larger you’ve got five shortcuts down here in the home area I happen to have phone contacts internet messaging and applications down there but you can switch up for the five at least these four applications does have to stay down there then seven home screens like I said but we can take a look at some of the widgets on this device is a similar set up TouchWiz for that you’ve seen on the galaxy s2 series in the United States easy access to widgets and then I can once I click on that I can scroll right over and go back and forth between the various widgets of course I like the fact that they kind of scroll like album covers whenever you go back and forth so we can easily see all the different options that we have you know Samsung has done a pretty decent job in past years or past months writer with TouchWiz 4.0 coming up with some pretty decent widgets you get a lot of different clock options get a lot of different calendar options I can come over here and do ap mobile and Acula and the great thing about some of the widgets let’s bring in AccuWeather over here to the desktop for example or to a home screen I can customize the size of it and change the way it look so if I have a home screen is particularly tight on space I can customize the way the widget looks and easily pop it right down on a screen so there’s just a little bit of space left but I want to get a widget in there a lot of Samsung’s widgets are customizable and that’s pretty nice I can come over here for example with the AP widget change around the sides if I want to and you can see it gives me a nice little preview before I do it go down there and then when I’m done I just tapped right out of it so that’s a nice little touch with Samsung’s TouchWiz 4.0 I like the customizable widgets aspect and in addition to that you do not only get customizable widgets but you get a lot of different size choices as well so between that you know when you’re in a tighter homescreen like this or maybe this perhaps this where you want to widget to fill up that space you’re not going to have a problem doing it on anything on the TouchWiz 4.0 so that’s a nice bit of fit it’s something that some of the other you eyes need to pick up and it’s nice especially nice benefit on a big 5.3 inch display

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