SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – Unbelievable news!

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The samsung galaxy z, fold 3 iscoming with the specs and featureswe've all been waiting for and i'll besharing the details right after this. If you're new here and want to stay up todate with the latest tech, please hit subscribefollowed by the bell. You can also keep up onfacebook, instagram and twitter by clicking thelinks in the description. So today, we've gotconfirmation that the samsung galaxy z, fold3, is coming with all the features we wanted tosee, as well as more details on hardware beforewe get started, though. Please, like the video ifyou're, a fan of samsung, and let me know down inthe comments, what country you're watching today'svideo from so the first story of the day is aboutthe cameras of the galaxy z-fold 3.

samsunghave announced the new 50-megapixel gn2 sensorwhich is the largest sensor to Be released for asmartphone, the gn2 is a one over 1.12 inch, sensorwith 1.4 micrometer pixels that promisesincredible improvements over the predecessorit's got four pixel binning to absorb morelight in those low lit conditions as well. Asa new algorithm that upscales to 100 megapixels toprovide a great variety of photo and video optionswhile. I have seen sources claim this sensorcould be used in the samsung galaxy z, fold, 3it's currently unknown, and it seems veryunlikely.

The galaxy fold isn't known: forits photography and, to be honest, the 12 megapixelcamera we had in the predecessor already performedvery. Well, so i can't see them changing to a highmegapixel sensor. Just yet next up we've got newsthat. The samsung galaxy z. Fold 3 is going to becoming with at least 256 gig of internal storageand.

That'S hardly surprising, sound mobile issueda report that states that the galaxy's z fold 3is coming under the model number sm, f926 and it'sgoing to come with at least 256 storage with anoption of 512 Now, given that the predecessorlaunched, with these storage options as wellit's always likely to be the case next up, we'vegot more confirmation that the samsung galaxy z4 3is going to be coming with s pen support we'vegot reports from et news as well as sam mobileand, the reports state That samsung have worked outhow to get the s-pen working with the z fold 3. Now, when it comes to s-pen support the z fold, 3is of course going to need a digitizer that canrecognize the s-pen as well as a protectivelayer, to stop the s-pen damaging the displaynow samsung use ultra thin glass on the foldseries. So it looks like the new ultra thin glasson, the z fold. 3, has improved durability and willprotect against scratches, as well as being ableto fold. Now.

Not only are we going to get s pensupport, but we've also got news that the samsunggalaxy z fold 3 is gon na, be the first device fromsamsung to feature the in display selfie cameranow. Last week we had a tweet from ice. Universeto say that samsung is very likely to adopt upcin the galaxy fold. Three now ice universe, normallygives quite cryptic tweets. So for him to come, outand say something like this.

Then it means he musthave. Some solid information now upc of coursestands for under panel camera, and it makes senseto debut this inside the z fold 3. Given it's theirmost premium model now, samsung have already teasedthe in-display camera for their laptops, so it mustmean. It'S nearly ready for consumers of coursesomeone else has already released a smartphonewith, an in-display selfie camera, but quite franklyit was awful. It took poor quality images and itwas not fit for purpose now.

If all of these leaksare correct and we've got an in-display selfiecamera as well as s pen support, it means thegalaxy's, z. Fold 3 is going to be an incrediblyversatile folding phone. We'Ve already had plentyof information about the specs design and theexpected pricing, so we're gon na run through allof that now to help you guys decide if this isthe phone for you for my regular viewers. You guyswould have already seen this so just jump to thenext video. But if you are new here, then make sureyou hit subscribe and we'll get right into it.

Theinner display is likely to remain a similar sizeconsidering. We'Ve already got trimmed down. Bezelswe can expect a 7.6 inch dynamic, amoled displaywith, a resolution of 1768 by 2208, and this willhave a 120 hertz refresh rate the front screen islikely to remain the same as well, which is a 6.2inch super amoled with a resolution of 2260x816the biggest change here is, of Course can be thescreen protection with 60 micrometer ultra thinglass that not only helps with the durability.

Butshould also provide a nicer touch, experience, forthe user when it comes to the selfie camera, we'vegot, no information. Yet many reports and rumorsare hinting at the first in-display selfie camerabut. We'Ve got no idea what sensor or lens samsungare using for this on the rear. It'S likely to be atriple or a quad camera setup. Now samsung tend tokeep things similar across their range.

So i wouldexpect the new camera module that we're seeingin. The s range to be present and it's likely thatthey'll be using the similar 12 megapixel sensorsinstead of going with the 108 megapixel hm2when. It comes to ram and storage samsungtend to push things high with the fold modelsso, i would estimate the galaxy z fold 3 to have16 gigs of ddr5 ram. This will be coupled with 128256 or 512 storage, it's most likely going to bepowered by the snapdragon 875 plus in the exynosequivalent. Whatever they decide to name it.

Andthere are rumors of a 5 000 milliamp hour batterybut. Personally, i don't see that happening they'relikely to remain at a similar size, so withimprovements of space internally in new tech, iwould estimate a minor increase, so maybe somethinglike 4 600 milliamp hours. It will, of course, shipwith one ui 3, based on android, 11 and being soearly on color variants. Just cannot be, confirmedit will probably have as much water protection asthey can, but we're unlikely to see any official ipratings due to its difficult to waterproof designwe're. Expecting an august launch and if thingscarry on as normal when it comes to the pricingwe of course, know it's going to be a lot.

Sowe can expect between 2 000 and 2 100 if wesee, the usual price increment. Now, of course, alot of this is just sensible estimates on topof the leaks we have because we're so far awayfrom launch but i'll, be keeping you guys up todate, as any new news comes in. As always, though, iwould like to know your thoughts in the commentswho out. There is excited for the samsung galaxy zfold 3 and what are your thoughts on s pen supportbut.