Samsung Z Fold 2 Durability Test! – Does 2 STILL Scratch at 2?!

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the two thousand dollar samsung galaxy z fold two is here samsung has tweaked a few things with the design this time around including a larger front screen and adding a new supposedly dust resistant hinge i think you know we should test that out let's get started there are a few more changes inside the box this time around as well no more free wireless earbuds but they do include the corded usbc headphones that i don't think i've ever seen anyone use in real life there is a 25 watt fast charger in the box but most importantly this year's fold 2 comes with even more warnings than last year's fold 1.

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They added a no fingernails warning which that one was probably my fault it's also still not water resistant and down here they added a do not remove the screen protector warning which we can probably still blame on mkbhd now of course i wouldn't publicly say it's kind of nice to get my own warning label due to my durability test but privately i would probably say that's kind of cool the rest of the phone looks pretty similar to last year's there's still a small gap between the two halves when it's folded closed the biggest difference is probably the exterior screen which is way larger than last year's version we'll get to the internal screen in just a second let's start with the scratch test the new exterior screen of the z-fold 2 is almost 2 inches larger and as we can see from the level 3 scratches it's covered with a very nice plastic screen protector underneath that screen protector though the elongated screen appears to be made of glass gorilla glass victus to be exact and as we start to make our way up through the mohs scale of hardness we see scratches at level six with deeper grooves at a level seven just like most other flagships on the market today so far it's about like we expected let's move on to the middle screen i'll take special care not to accidentally poke the screen this time around since as we learned last year sharp stabs tend to kill it the inner display is pretty much the same size as last year's just this time around there's no notch up in the corner just a hole cut out for the front-facing camera and a little more futuristic looking it does look like there is more than one screen protector installed though a semi-temporary rubber screen protector placed on top of the more permanent plastic layer i'm definitely not saying this one should be removed though since samsung very specifically said none of them were removable but it kind of appears like this top one isn't super important or structural once again underneath that we're still seeing scratches at level two with deeper grooves at level 3.

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The hardness of the folding display has not changed samsung still does say there is a layer of ultra thin glass on the fold too and there probably is it's just under this thick top plastic display we'll have to dig around for it during the tear down when i pull the display completely off of the phone but yes indeed the galaxy fold 2 can still be damaged by a fingernail the soft plastic screen isn't a deal breaker of course it's just important to know how durable a phone is before you start using it which is kinda why i'm here the phone frame is still made from aluminum no complaints there there is a sim card tray but no expandable memory unfortunately the bottom of the full 2 has its loudspeaker and usb-c port the volume rocker is made from metal but we'll wait on the fingerprint scanner for a bit later in the video up top there is a microphone and another speaker as a side note if two thousand dollars is a bit hard to swallow and you still want a folding phone you can always just get a fold from last year which does pretty much the exact same thing and now costs substantially less since there's a new version now a penny saved is a penny earned the back of the phone does have wireless and reverse wireless charging along with its 12 megapixel telephoto camera at the bottom 12 megapixel normal camera in the center and another 12 megapixel ultra wide camera up top all protected by glass there's also a 10 megapixel selfie camera on the front display and on the inner display cameras are kind of all over the place on this thing and obviously the massive iconic camera bump is still there to match the rest of samsung's 2020 phones [Music] the hinge design is not very simple unlike the microsoft duo or the motorola razer but it is made from metal inside the fold is a highly complex and complicated conglomerate of choreographed high caliber cogs in concise conditions to hopefully avoid capitulating to any cantankerous calamities you know how it is the samsung logo is inlaid with shiny letters kind of fun and of course there is the thin plastic ridge around the inside display to keep the two halves from clanking shut on top of each other one thing that's found fairly common here on planet earth is earth might even be safe to say that every country has a bit of it so it's important that a phone be able to survive a bit of dust and dirt since it's everywhere with a highly scientific assortment of pebbles and dust that i found that one time i went outside we can see if any of it will make its way inside of the hinge samsung supposedly added some bristles inside to help keep the dust clear and so far it appears to be working the opening motion is still as smooth as it was when i pulled it out of the box we'll blow it off for good measure and still nothing nice work samsung we'll try one more time since i still have some more rocks left but so far it's handling the dust way better than last year's model we'll definitely have to check out those bristles from the inside during the tear down something that isn't working real great though is the fingerprint reader apparently it doesn't like dirt on itself nor on my finger it took a really long time for it to even register my fingerprint and once we added some scratches to it it was completely game over the fingerprint scanner on the z-fold 2 is pretty picky and not scratch or dust resistant another improvement over last year's fold is the interior 120 hertz refresh rate seems like every year those numbers just keep getting higher and higher kinda like the global temperature the inner amoled screen lasted 15 seconds under the heat from my lighter you can see the plastic has warped a bit from the heat the outer screen though is way more interesting after about 15 seconds we get an awesome glowing red looking asteroid thing which quite honestly is the only calamity we haven't seen yet in 2020 at this rate we'll probably get one by christmas and even though 2020 has been crazy i've been a pretty big fan of the phones that have come out the default 2 is definitely one of the coolest the only thing that would make it better though is if you could see the inside from the outside now i'm a little biased of course since this is my own skin i've created with dbrand but the insides of the z-fold 2 look pretty amazing our tear down skin is like an x-ray inside of the phone that doesn't void any warranties i've had a tear down skin on my own phone for the last year or so and we've gotten tear-down skins designed for more than 50 different devices now i leave little easter eggs in the design like do not disassemble bend or send to jerry rig everything or the more important one like vote november 3rd and the glass is glass written on the blue ribbon there's a few others that you'll have to find for yourself i'll leave a link down in the description so you can grab a tear down skin for your own device now it's time for the bin test the hinge is still working great at this point even after everything and the phone can indeed handle a few slams but the finely tuned hinge still has me worried even though it did survive last year for the most part it's still rather unnerving to see something that looks so fragile be so strong and this year's galaxy fold 2 is no different bending the fold the wrong direction reveals the impetuous amounts of strength logic would imply that the phone would snap right down there in the middle but here we are with the uncrackable cracker nice work science this phone might scratch easier than chocolate on a sunny day and cost more than trump's taxes but it is most definitely built extremely well i still think if you want to save some money you can just get last year's version but either way i've got a tear down skin made for both of them and i'll put the link in the description let me know what you think of the fold are you ready for the future or do you think the price needs to drop substantially before it's more appealing let me know down in the comments hit that subscribe button if you haven't already come hang out with me on instagram and twitter and thanks a ton for watching i'll see you around

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