Samsung Z Fold 2 Durability Test! – Does 2 STILL Scratch at 2?!

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the two thousand dollar samsung galaxy z fold two is here samsung has tweaked a few things with the design this time around including a larger front screen and adding a new supposedly dust resistant hinge i think you know we should test that out let's get started there are a few more changes inside the box this time around as well no more free wireless earbuds but they do include the corded usbc headphones that i don't think i've ever seen anyone use in real life there is a 25 watt fast charger in the box but most importantly this year's fold 2 comes with even more warnings than last year's fold 1.

They added a no fingernails warning which that one was probably my fault it's also still not water resistant and down here they added a do not remove the screen protector warning which we can probably still blame on mkbhd now of course i wouldn't publicly say it's kind of nice to get my own warning label due to my durability test but privately i would probably say that's kind of cool the rest of the phone looks pretty similar to last year's there's still a small gap between the two halves when it's folded closed the biggest difference is probably the exterior screen which is way larger than last year's version we'll get to the internal screen in just a second let's start with the scratch test the new exterior screen of the z-fold 2 is almost 2 inches larger and as we can see from the level 3 scratches it's covered with a very nice plastic screen protector underneath that screen protector though the elongated screen appears to be made of glass gorilla glass victus to be exact and as we start to make our way up through the mohs scale of hardness we see scratches at level six with deeper grooves at a level seven just like most other flagships on the market today so far it's about like we expected let's move on to the middle screen i'll take special care not to accidentally poke the screen this time around since as we learned last year sharp stabs tend to kill it the inner display is pretty much the same size as last year's just this time around there's no notch up in the corner just a hole cut out for the front-facing camera and a little more futuristic looking it does look like there is more than one screen protector installed though a semi-temporary rubber screen protector placed on top of the more permanent plastic layer i'm definitely not saying this one should be removed though since samsung very specifically said none of them were removable but it kind of appears like this top one isn't super important or structural once again underneath that we're still seeing scratches at level two with deeper grooves at level 3.