Storytelling with Instagram Filters | Spark AR Filters (EN Captions)

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Storytelling with Instagram Filters | Spark AR Filters (EN Captions) – Hi You are in Emiliusvgs. There is a topic that I have always wanted to talk about, because it is a very relevant area.

For me I mean creating stories or narrative discourses. Today we will talk about how the media use instagram filters to communicate ideas and generate a greater impact, and of course, we will talk about what technique they have possibly used to create this effect. Are you ready?

Let'S get started?

Storytelling with Instagram Filters | Spark AR Filters (EN Captions)
We'Ll start with the basics, what is Storytelling? You could say that it is the art of narrating stories and events and, of course, this starts from a human need to spread advice, events and even epic battles. Remember the troubadours.

They sang and told the stories that have been transmitted for generation Now, not only need tell the story, you have to transmit ideas set objective, it can be to generate a feeling generate reflection about a topic or to simply information.

We already have the basic knowledge, and now we are going to talk about augmented reality.
How does this technology merge with storytelling AR has the ability to provide additional valuable information and to allow us to modify the surrounding space? That will be important. There are many benefits, so I will encompass it in 3 aspects. Immersion.

We go from having a passive attitude before events to being part of it To have an active role.
Interaction, this active role is achieved not only by having the feeling of being part of something, but also by getting involved and acting with the virtual elements, pressing a 3D element and receiving a specific action Affordable with certain restrictions.

Of course I mean the power of accessing immersive narratives from the cellphone. You don't need a headset or other item at the moment. Remember that in this video we focus on talking about the narrative in AR Filters.