Switching from Android to iPhone 12 — The TRUTH!

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Three reasons why you might just. Want to stick with the android that. Bring you and i'm going to do it right now, sponsored by ting.

So, yes right up front, i do have to point out that there are a few really big reasons why you may not want to switch to the new iphones. First, apple is still the only company making iphones.

Switching from Android to iPhone 12 

So if you don't like what apple's making you're just out of luck, there aren't any other phones out there running ios with android.

If you absolutely despise what google did with the latest pixel 5 – not a problem, you can pick up a galaxy s20 fe or any of a dozen other phones from any of a dozen other brands.

You can also get a bunch of really interesting features and form factors that apple, for whatever reason, just doesn't consider ready for prime time yet like 108 megapixel, 100 time, periscope, zooms and yeah, just all the folds and all the flips, all of them and the notches.

Yeah, if you absolutely detest the notches, you can get foreheads or hole punches or the mechanical choochers.