Upleveling Your Instagram Stories with Filters

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Upleveling Your Instagram Stories with Filters – Okay let's talk about optimizing your Instagram stories and making, them all kinds of, extra fabulous We're gon na first open an, Instagram story in your camera and you're gon na find a, list of preselected filters for you So now what we're gon na.

Do is we're gon na scroll right to the end of your effects and filters, and you will find a Browse Effects button which will open the Effects gallery.

You'Re gon na see me do that right about here all the way down to the end: Browse Effects: You're gon na click on Browse Effects;
So there you're gonna find different categories and effects or filters from who you're following, selfie, color and light, camera, styles, events, causes, things like that.

So once you find an effect you like click on the button to try it. So (chuckles) let's try My Tiny Army, you will have the option to save the effect or filter with the Download icon.

Upleveling Your Instagram Stories with Filters

So what we're gonna do now is we're just gonna try this filter.
Oh, this is a tiny but mighty army, a little creepy but I like it.
So what we're gonna do is we gonna actually go here and we can go to Save The Effect, boom.

Now that effect is saved, I'm gonna X out of this. Now let's talk about sharing a filter.