VALHEIM advanced TIPS and TRICKS #1

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PortalKota – VALHEIM advanced TIPS and TRICKS. Hi guys Steelovsky here and today I have something special for you: 5 advanced tips that will make your life in Valheim much easier.

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If you are just at the beginning of your journey and thinking what weapons you shall make first think no more, because Flint spear is a no brainer choice, Cheap in production veryfast and you can use special attack for long range combat. Once you throw the spear, you will have to pick it up.

So if you stay close enough to your enemy, youll get your weapon back automatically t


On top of that, Flint spear one-shots, regular deer, which you have to kill to get two deer trophies as its your at the time being main quest.

Objective Roll mechanic might be very tempting to use due to its high amount of invincibility frames, altho its a trap and heres.

Why You see your stamina? Does not regenerate fast enough to roll efficiently over and over Learn the moveset of particular enemies and try to dodge with side steps or short sprints whenever its possible
By doing so, you’re going to save more stamina for attacks, which might be crucial in many situations. Also, there are two strong benefits of blocking stance:
You re gaining stamina, as fast as you would normally do, while avoiding direct hits AND making your character face the direction of the crosshair Ad hoc to the previous point.

Most equipment in the game decreases your movement speed. You can use this mechanic to your advantage by holstering.

The weapon whenever you need to gain some distance in fights It is Especially efficient if you re low on stamina against a group of relatively slow enemies Be creative with your space management.

Theres no point to use one cooking station per campfire if you can use three of them at the same time.
Look how much space all these boxes waste Just put them on top of each other and utilize the vertical space.

This game allows you to cut edges here and there so save your resources and free space for later you’re gon na need it, especially for that one portal trick. I have saved for you so better subscribe to the channel to not miss out on another Valheim video wink wink.

Once you decide its time for adventure always remember to bring your axe and hammer with you.
You can craft a workbench practically wherever you want, and you should use it to your advantage, Whether it’s the top of the tower you need to build a stairs to get to, or if you end up in the middle of the wilderness, with cold status on just Find some cover make a workbench fix your stuff place, some fire bed and call it a day.
Remember you dont have to pick up every rock on your way. You won’t utilize all these resources anyway. So keep your inventory clean and focus on picking up only high rarity, stuff, instead.

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