Valheim Mobile – How to download Valheim iOS Android

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PortalKota Valheim Mobile, How to download Valheim iOS Android. This game is not released yet but you can play on your i OS and Android device using inbuilt PC emulator.

The game controller is not perfect and graphics are not such good like on PC, but game is fully playable.

Let's install the game on your mobile device! As you can see I have Valheim Mobile on my iPhone. I am going to uninstall the game and install it again to show you exactly how to do it.

First on your iPhone open Settings app. Android users can skip this step and go forward.

Open General category and locate Background App Refresh subcategory.

In the next step, open your Safari browser or Chrome browser if you are Android user. Type adress again It's the hosting website where valheim mobile file is hosted We are going to download the game from this website once we unlock downloading.

The website should place Valheim Mobile to iPhone home screen.

In Android case we are going to get link to download APK file manualy. Download is locked by advertisment.