Valheim Upcoming CoOp Viking RPG ► Introduction Guide (Game Mechanics, Steam Release, Combat)

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PortalKota – Valheim Upcoming CoOp Viking RPG ► Introduction Guide (Game Mechanics, Steam Release, Combat). I’Ve got very interesting game to share with you today that almost completely slipped under my radar this past few weeks, Valheim is a procedurally generated Co, Op action, RPG, that’s being developed by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain.

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If you don’t know who that is, that’s the company, that’s behind widely accepted hugely positive game, known as Satisfactory.

When I first saw this, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think, because this game had reminded me of other viking based early access games that recently came out, but didn’t really have a lot going for them.

Valheim Upcoming CoOp Viking RPG

But then I started to read more about it and look at some of the videos and I got to say that they might have something pretty special here.

Maybe it’s one of the reasons why a company life, Coffee Stain, would also put their name behind it. But let’s talk about what exactly this is.

Valheim is a singleplayer or CO. Op action RPG, that’s based in Norse Mythology In the world of Valheim, besieged by creatures of chaos and ancient enemies of the gods.

We are the new custodians of the primordial purgatory, given the task of slaying, Odin’s, ancient rivals and bringing order to the world
This game lets us play with up to 10 people in one single world and from the wording I’m guessing that we can choose between co, op single player drop in or we can host dedicated servers. People can join like it says on their steam page
It features an action, combat system with punishing dodge and block mechanics with a wide variety of weapons we can use. It’S got a full, fledged building system involved.

We can build our houses and base buildings from the ground up, raise up mead halls and farms, settlement outposts and even castles. Along with this, we can also build our very own ships and take them sailing out in the world.
It features a lot of creatures and animals, even boss type monsters, like frost giants, what appears to be tree, ents, massive demonic creatures and even dragons.

The game is completely procedurally generated, which honestly is very surprising, with the types of monsters and creatures we’ve been seeing here, I would honestly think that this would be more of a linear, RPG
I’M not sure how well that part’s gon na work, but I’m totally down for it because I love procedural generation.

I wasn’t able to find a lot of info about the crafting system, but it says it has intuitive item crafting.

Lets us forge the finest weapons and armor and craft food plus mead
I’M guessing we’ll probably be able to transport resources via our ships, but I also did see some hand carts.

We can make in the trailer That’s going to make things sooo much easier Couple things I noticed in the trailer is that we’ll probably be able to explore dungeons, possibly participate in what looks like monster invasions.

Saying that cause I see the guy coming out of this house to fight these skeletons and there’s even these dark portals.

We can enter to probably fight some of the tough bosses. My absolute biggest question for this game so far is mainly on the settlement side.

I wan na know if we can actually have NPC followers and maybe settlers that live in our village.
Probably a tall order considering how difficult it might be to get that in some rpgs – and I know this is co, op and all, but I would still love to see it Aside from that gathering wise I’ve seen that we can hunt animals like the deer harvest. Metals and, of course, wood and use those to our advantage.

I think the weakest parts I’ve seen so far is mainly on the combat side, but if the rest of the game is decent enough, gameplay wise when to comes to RPGs, I can always look past a combat system and enjoy the rest of it.

Just fine
Plus this is going into early access, so as far as those types of games go, I’m glad this is going to start with this many features at the beginning.

Now, you’re – probably thinking at this point, that the catch is that it’s not coming out for a while.

Well, nope: it’s actually scheduled to open up in Early Access on February, 2nd So really really soon, especially if it pops at midnight – And it looks like the server hosting – is already ready to go. So that takes care of that
I think I wan na stream for this game a bit if I can and possibly grab one of these servers too I’ll, probably open it up to everybody and see how it goes I’ll put a password on it plus I’ll make a community post and I’ll also Tell people during the stream what it is so that you folks get dibs, No clue what the game’s price is gon na be, but I’m hoping it’s within the 20-30 $ range.

It could be worth more than that, but that’s a pretty good range to start at. In Early Access at least, Either way, I’m gon na rest up before then and schedule the stream hope to catch.

You guys there and thanks so much for watching, Have a wonderful night or day and Farewell.

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